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It is no secret the 2020 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross, a relative newcomer to the compact SUV scene, has less than stellar reviews. Similar to the reviews of the Cross, various forums have blown up over Apple CarPlay issues, which seem to have spread to Android Auto as well. In spite of the issues, families seeking the benefits of connectivity in their SUV continue to ask for the Apple CarPlay feature in their automobile.

Does the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross have Apple CarPlay?

Though Eclipse Cross comes with a large selection of family-friendly tech features, neither Apple CarPlay nor Android Auto is available as standard features. Before getting discouraged by this, it is important to note the Apple CarPlay connectivity feature is listed among the available tech upgrades, including Android Auto, a premium audio package with six speakers, Rockford Fosgate stereo and satellite radio, as well as an additional USB port and a touchpad controller.

Given the problems we discussed concerning Apple CarPlay, it might not be a bad idea to skip this feature until developers work out the bugs. 

Eclipse Cross is ahead of the curve on tech features

In spite of the fact smartphone connectivity is not standard on the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross, some consider it ahead of the curve as a high-tech crossover SUV.

When considering standard tech features, most focus only on the interior, but there are exterior and powertrain tech features on Eclipse Cross that deserve a quick look, including running LEDs on the headlamps, which help project light down the road and make the car easier to see by oncoming motorists. Another great tech feature, though not new on Mitsubishi models, is super all-wheel control, which kicks in to provide better safety and handling when needed.

Cross includes plenty of tech features in its interior with a decent array of tech features available for families who like to keep up with technology as they commute or travel. Among these features are its 7-inch touch screen, a stereo package with four speakers and HD Radio, a USB port, Bluetooth, automated climate control, remote keyless entry, and a rearview camera. One pain-point identified with these features is touch screen control of the audio system, which is tedious when making adjustments.

Safety related tech features are a highlight of the Eclipse Cross. Among the most notable are forward collision and lane departure warning, pedestrian detection, blind spot monitoring, rear cross traffic and lane change alerts as well as a head-up display and adaptive cruise control. With these features rounding out the technology available on this SUV, buyers might be comfortable overlooking Apple CarPlay availability.

Reviews 2020 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross note an overall mediocrity

Though tech features are important, they are not the only consideration taken into account when evaluating the overall value and performance of an automobile. The absence of Apple CarPlay is not the only negative associated with this SUV. In fact, our reviewers note that Mitsubishi didn’t get much right on its 2020 Eclipse Cross.

Its ranking at #14 among compact SUVs and #56 among crossover SUVs by U.S. News Cars is a good indicator of its overall mediocrity, noting negatives like too much body lean around corners and a tiny cargo hold. However, a lower base price than its rivals and good fuel economy prevent it from being panned entirely.

What’s the bottom line on the 2020 Eclipse Cross

Though Apple CarPlay is not a standard feature on the 2020 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross, this compact SUV does include a decent complement of technologically advanced exterior, powertrain, interior and safety features. Its price and fuel economy might capture and hold the attention of many buyers, but its overall mediocrity, beyond its lack of standard connectivity, will turn away the most savvy shoppers.


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