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Jeep makes some of America’s favorite SUVs and other outdoorsy vehicles. These Jeeps tend to be rugged and reliable, and they’re the perfect car for the outdoors. But, while they’re great for adventures, they’re also well-equipped. Here’s a look inside the Jeep Renegade and all the features that it offers.

What comes standard on the Jeep Renegade

As U.S. News reported, the Renegade comes standard with a 5-inch touch screen display. This touch screen is connected to Jeep’s infotainment system called Uconnect. However, unfortunately for the standard Renegade, Uconnect does not allow owners of the basic version of the Renegade to connect to their smartphones. Neither Apple CarPlay nor Android Auto are available as standard on the Renegade. 

That said, the Renegade does have other standard infotainment systems. For example, U.S. News says that a USB port, Bluetooth compatibility, and a six-speaker stereo system are all standard on the Renegade. 

U.S. News and other car reviewers praised how easy to use the Renegade’s infotainment system was. This was partially due to the fact that the Renegade has physical controls which U.S. News says was “logically arranged.”

As a result, it’s very intuitive to use the controls on the Renegade’s infotainment system. This is a similar story for the Renegade’s touch screen. U.S. News says that it was fast and that it was also very easy to use.

What’s optional on the Jeep Renegade 

While the standard Renegade doesn’t have Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility, Jeep does offer those options as a premium. U.S. News says that Jeep offers the choice between a 7-inch or an 8-inch touch screen as upgrade options for the Renegade. Both of these touch screens are part of an infotainment upgrade that will include Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility. 

Those aren’t the only options that Jeep offers on the Renegade. U.S. News says that a more premium, nine-speaker stereo system can replace the basic six-speaker stereo system. On top of that, Jeep offers other sound system upgrades such as the addition of an HD radio or a satellite radio. Furthermore, owners of the Renegade can choose to add a navigational system to their SUV. 

Other convenient or comfort features that Jeep offers on the Renegade include dual-zone automatic climate control, a push-button start system, and a remote start system. All of these features, especially the remote start feature, allows the Renegade to be a more comfortable SUV in the outdoors.

Smart safety features

While Jeep makes a lot of great SUVs for off-roading, Jeep isn’t known for how serious it takes safety. As a result, the only standard safety feature that the Renegade has is a rearview camera, but that’s something that’s legally required for all new cars to have anyways. That said, Jeep does offer a lot of smart safety options for the Renegade.

These smart safety options are similar to the ones that many other automakers also offer on their cars. For example, the Renegade can be equipped with smart safety features such as: adaptive cruise control, automatic emergency braking, a forward-collision warning system, automatic high-beam headlights, blind-spot monitoring, lane departure warning, lane keep assist, and a rear cross-traffic alert system. 

Jeep also offers other smart safety features that will help Renegade owners park their SUV. These smart features include front and rear parking sensors and a parallel and perpendicular parking assist system.

Safety agencies usually don’t like it when automakers don’t have many standard smart safety features on their cars. But, despite that, the Renegade is still considered by U.S. News to be a very safe SUV. U.S. News gave the Renegade a safety score of 8.7 out of 10.