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Hyundai has outdone itself again with its newest model of the Sonata. They’ve provided great performance, awesome fuel efficiency and sleek exterior styling to this sedan. With all that, what more could any owner ask for?

Well, most drivers, even Hyundai Sonata enthusiasts, want to make sure they can personalize their vehicle the way they want it to be. So, some features are necessary for some of those drivers. One of them is the Apple CarPlay app. Motor1 showcases the newest model of the Sonata and answers the question of whether it has Apple CarPlay or not.

Does the Sonata have Apple CarPlay?

The 2020 Hyundai Sonata uses the Apple CarPlay application to offer you the opportunity to access some of your important iPhone features. This way you can stay safe while driving and still access your music and navigational information hands-free.

The Hyundai display screen connects to your iPhone using your phone cord and you can access your phone’s apps by touching the screen or by using Siri who will bring up whatever you ask her to retrieve.

The CarPlay app also allows you to make the phone calls you need or send the important text messages without ever having to touch your phone while driving. Because of cell phones being a major distraction during driving some states have banned it and will fine any driver caught using it.

To help you avoid those costly fines, Hyundai adopted its infotainment system that’s compatible with the Apple CarPlay application and made it standard on all their models.

How to use the Apple CarPlay app in the Hyundai Sonata

The 2020 Hyundai Sonata has a 10-inch infotainment display screen, located on the upper part of the center dashboard. You’ll need to use your phone cord to connect to the car’s informational system by plugging into the USB port usually located below the screen towards the bottom of the center console. Making sure your phone is properly updated to the latest operating system firmware, you can turn your attention to the screen.

Apple CarPlay will be on the display, you can touch it on the screen to open it up. You will see several different apps including music, phone, streaming radio programs, and maps to name a few. Find the one you want and you can touch that particular app.

For applications, like the maps, there’s a button you can press and hold for the voice-activation feature. It allows you to give a voice command for what it is you’re looking for and directions will show up on the screen to guide you there.

Other cool tech features the Sonata has

The Sonata doesn’t disappoint with its useful features that are either standard or offered as an option. One of them is Android Auto, which is another accessible system offered for drivers who have Android phones, and not an Apple device. Wireless charging is another cool tech device that you can add to your Sonata to avoid charging with cumbersome cords.

Another option to make driving easier are some cool, safety driving features. The Advanced Driver Assistance program will allow you to have things like forward-collision and lane-keeping assist along with a lane-centering system to name just a few. Also, Hyundai offers a smartphone key technology that lets you use your phone to unlock and start your Sonata without a physical key.

The Hyundai Sonata has plenty of cool features and useful applications to make driving in one a pleasant experience, which is what makes it so popular with drivers today. With Hyundai’s continued researching, fine-tuning and developing, the Sonata should continue to thrive in a crowded segment.