Does the GMC Sierra 2500 HD Have a Manual Transmission?

Anyone over a certain age will likely recall their first experience learning how to drive with a manual transmission. It was all about finding the perfect timing between the gas and the clutch and tuning out screams of, “You’re going to break the car.” But once you figured out how to drive a stick shift, nothing else could compare. Drivers raised on manual transmission often claim that driving a shift allows the driver to have more control over the vehicle. 

Over the years, these vehicles have been replaced with newer, automatic transmissions. It’s becoming harder and harder to find cars and trucks offering a manual transmission. Below, we examine whether the new GMC Sierra 2500 HD comes with a manual transmission.  

The new GMC Sierra 2500 HD comes loaded with features

The Sierra 2500 HD got a whole new look for the 2020 model. While the previous model featured a rounded, more subdued look, the 2020 Sierra is sleek and sophisticated. The front features a more boxy appearance and the grill receives a serious upgrade in appearance. The rear end got a serious overhaul with six-function MultiPro tailgate. 

Under the hood, the Sierra 2500 HD has a 6.6-liter V8 gasoline engine with plenty of torque to haul whatever you desire. The inside of the truck is pretty snazzy too, featuring a 6-speaker stereo system, Bluetooth connectivity, and a variety of upgrade options. The truck also comes with a rear camera, six airbags, and various safety controls. 

What about the transmission?

Sadly, the GMC Sierra 2500 HD only comes with an automatic transmission. The Sierra comes equipped with a 6-speed automatic transmission. If you think that you can just buy used to find a Sierra with a manual transmission, think again. The last time GMC produced the Sierra with a manual gearbox option was in 2008.

GMC was actually one of the first truck producers to start ditching the option for a manual transmission as demand for stick shifts dwindled. The GMC Canyon became the latest model to lose the option when General Motors stopped making the truck with manual transmissions in 2019. 

Where have all the stick shifts gone?

You have to search pretty hard for trucks with a manual transmission as an option. Very few trucks still let drivers grab the stick shift as they drive. So why the change? Beyond the convenience that comes with an automatic transmission, automatics have become more efficient. The demand for efficiency has actually led drivers to buy more electric cars than cars with manual transmissions. Car and Driver reports that sales of electric vehicles have tripled over the past two years.  

While it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find a truck with a manual transmission, there’s good news for those drivers who are looking to have the feeling of more control over their vehicles. There are still several car models over the stick shift drive. The Dodge Challenger, Ford Mustang, and Honda Civic are among vehicles offering a manual transmission. 

What about GMC loyalists?

A look through Car and Driver’s list of cars still offering manual transmission shows that there are zero GMCs with manual transmission. If you’re looking to branch out, Chevy has three options available, as do Honda and Hyundai. In the upper bracket, BMW and Porsche each have two cars still offering manual transmissions.  

While the stick shift may be a thing of the past, GMC still offers several attractive options. The Sierra HD is a gorgeous truck with a towing capacity up to 23,000 pounds while the smaller Canyon can haul up to 7,700 pounds.