Does the Ford F-150 Come with a Manual Transmission?

If you have your eye on a brand new Ford F-150, you’re falling in line with the thousands of Americans who make Ford their favorite pickup. As you consider the available options and trim levels for the 2020 F-150, you may be wondering about the availability of manual transmission.

With the ever-growing industry trend to simplify and digitize features, there are still plenty of consumers who prefer the feel of the gear shifter behind the wheel. We investigated all the powertrain options for Ford F-150 to find out if the manual transmission has faded into the review mirror or not.

Do people still want a manual transmission?

There are plenty of drivers and enthusiasts out there who prefer the control and performance that comes with shifting manually. However, the numbers aren’t lying when they indicate fewer and fewer Americans want the manual gearbox. Jalopnik shared insight that manuals on full-sized trucks, in general, haven’t been popular since the 80s. According to Automotive News, only about 1% of all new cars sold have a manual transmission.

What’s new for the Ford F-150

There are plenty of truck-loving reasons to get excited about the new F-150. They’ve added a ton of options and reworked their lists of standards. Ford has added a family of driving assistant features within various packages, that were formerly reserved only for higher-level trims. There are a few new appearance packages available for even the XL and XLT.

Another significant change came in the design using all aluminum. Imagine that beefy engine working with almost 700 lbs less truck. New F-150 owners in 2020 can also expect some standard tech, including 4G, LTE Wi-Fi hotspot capabilities.

Available configurations for 2020

New F-150 pickups can be equipped with six available engine configurations under the hood. It’ll make choosing your truck feel like you’re browsing a menu at a fine dining restaurant. The biggest surprise might be the introduction of the twin-turbo V6, with towing prowess of up to 13,200 pounds and making it a best-pick for power. You can still choose your 3.0L diesel or 3.3L base V6. Consider what kind of work and truck capabilities you’ll need, and Ford has just the truck configuration to make it happen, stylishly.

Is manual transmission a thing of the past for the F-150?

All but one of the Ford F-150’s engine selections come married with a 10-speed automatic transmission (with a six-speed auto on the base model). This means you’ll have tremendous tow ratings and big payloads. But, if you are loyal to the manual transmission, can you get one in the pickup? Unfortunately, if you’re looking for the manual option with a Ford in 2020, you won’t find it in the F-150. As more and more consumers move away from wanting those manual gearboxes, fewer and fewer pickups are offering them altogether.

Other Fords with manual options

Since 2018, there have been several automakers abandoning manual transmission options entirely. People just aren’t driving them anymore. Ford enthusiasts can, however, expect a variety of Mustangs to come still equipped with the stick shift. But, as for the pickups, automatic transmissions are the only option.

If you have your engine-revving heart set on driving or buying a new Ford F-150 next year, you won’t be disappointed in the multitude of choices for engines, trim levels, and packages. You might, however, miss out on using your clutch foot. And, you won’t have the satisfaction of holding that gear shifter and dropping it into second or fourth. It sounds like we’ll have to get our manual transmission fix on older models from here on out.