Does the Ford Bronco Meet CEO Jonathan Ward’s Expectations?

Before the new Ford Bronco was released, Jonathan Ward shared a few ideas about how the Ford Bronco should be. Now we get to see if the Ford SUV meets his expectations compared to what he predicted. 

Who is Johnathan Ward? 

Jonathan Ward is the founder of ICON and TLC, two automotive brands. TLC4x4 is the nation’s most trusted and oldest expert for the Toyota Land Cruiser in terms of sales, service, replacement parts, and restoration services. 

2021 Ford Bronco kicking sand in the desert
2021 Ford Bronco kicking sand in the desert

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ICON4x4 is a global automotive design business that focuses on keeping trucks and SUVs looking beautiful. From updating retro vintage designs to creating innovative new looks, you can trust that Johnathan knows about pretty vehicles. 

Ward hoped for Ford Bronco options 

Johnathan Ward suggested that the Ford Bronco offer more custom options instead of going with traditional trims and packages. For example, an upgraded audio system, leather seats, and more come in a bundle with the Jeep Wrangler, which feels limiting. 

Ford definitely surpassed these expectations by coming out with three different Ford Bronco models with seven different trim options. Plus, there are over 200 aftermarket accessories. When you order your Ford Bronco, you can mostly build the SUV you want. 

However, the Sasquatch Package for off-roading isn’t available with the seven-speed manual transmission. Serious off-roaders know the advantages of having a manual transmission on the trails, so this is disappointing. 

2021 Ford Bronco Sport hauling trailer
2021 Ford Bronco Sport | Ford

Speaking of transmissions, Jonathan Ward thought the Ford Bronco should have a V8 engine, and currently, it does not. The diesel engine and hybrid build are also missing for now, but we will see what future Broncos bring. 

Jonathan Ward suggested a new Ford Bronco legend 

The Ford Bronco is already pretty legendary and came back with one of the biggest auto reveals in history. However, Ward thought the Ford Bronco should go high end, like the luxurious Mercedes-Benz G Wagon. 

Four Door Ford Bronco sideview
2021 Ford Bronco 4-door | Ford Media

Instead, Ford created a few Launch Edition Ford Bronco models. The 3,500 Launch edition Ford Bronco models sold out incredibly quickly despite starting around $60k, which is nearly double the base model’s starting price. So, maybe Ward was on to something because people didn’t hesitate to spend their money. 

He also thought that the Ford Bronco shouldn’t have too much of a retro look, and he is the expert. However, looks are subjective, and the Ford Bronco looks excellent and has retro style elements. 

It looks like the Ford Bronco is a little beefier and wider instead of having its classic boxy shape. That’s a good thing because the classic shape had a high center of gravity and was prone to flipping. 

A yellow 2021 Bronco climbing some intense boulders
2021 Ford Bronco | Ford Media

Ward also thought that it would be best to keep the Ford Bronco away from focus groups. Too much feedback could have caused Ford to change their decisions based on what non-experts had to say. 

We aren’t sure about the Ford Bronco and focus groups, but it looks like Ford made all the right decisions as there is currently an 18-month waiting list to order the Ford Bronco. Plus, the Ford Bronco Raptor and more exciting options are already in the works.