Does the Chevrolet Silverado Have a Manual Transmission?

When Chevy redesigned the Silverado for 2019, fans were ecstatic. The hearty bowtie beast impressed reviewers and truck fans alike. The 2020 Silverado hasn’t disappointed either. It brings every available bell and whistle to suit almost anyone’s lifestyle. But, does it offer the old-school manual transmission option?

Why people still love their stick shifts

Aside from the personal preference of driving a stick, there are a host of benefits to manual transmissions. Looking back over the past 20 model years, manual gearboxes were a preference for consumers. Many truck enthusiasts preferred the gearbox as a workhorse enhancement.

Diesel automatics of yesterday just couldn’t compete with the output of the manuals. Nothing could beat first gear in four-wheel-drive low, for crawling off-road. Some say the manual transmission offers better vehicle control and much simpler maintenance. It’s commonly accepted too, that stick shift driving is better on gas, and usually makes the truck a little cheaper to buy.

Is there a Silverado stick shift?

So with all of these powertrain, performance, and appearance options for the Silverado, can you build a 2020 pickup with a manual transmission? Sorry folks. Silverado is minus the beloved manual gearbox. As the performance of automatic transmissions has evolved over the years, trucks can handle the workload without the need for manual shifting. Consumers just aren’t buying the stick shifts anymore in part, because they don’t need them.

You may have to forgo the clutch altogether for Silverado moving forward. It’s not just the Silverado, either. Most automakers are weaning off their manual transmission truck production across the board. With the marriage of the various engine sizes to the smart engineering of today’s automatic transmissions, you probably wouldn’t need a manual anyway. You may prefer the stick, and the satisfying driver engagement that comes with a manual, but you’ll have to find the older model Chevy pickups to satisfy that itch.

What’s new for the Chevrolet Silverado in 2020?

So, what’s new for the 2020 Silverado? Enhancements, options, and phenomenal configurations are available for all things work, play, and tow. Expect huge improvements for towing and payload, up to 13,400 pounds, to be exact. You’ll find more room in the back seat, adaptive cruise, and an available towing package that offers 15 cameras for maximum visibility. You’ll see a few more powertrain selections on the Silverado menu, as well.

2019 Chevrolet Silverado LT Trail Boss
2019 Chevrolet Silverado LT Trail Boss | Chevrolet

Powertrain selections galore

Chevy Silverado has a massive roster of engines, most paired with the 10-speed automatic transmission for the smoothest shifting. You won’t be hard-pressed to design the precise amount of power and performance you’ll need for truck life. The standard work truck comes with a V6 and six-speed auto transmission. If you need more muscle, check out the other available engine configurations.

  • A 310-hp turbocharged four-cylinder
  • A 277-hp inline six-cylinder turbodiesel
  • A 355-hp 5.3L V8
  • A 420-hp 6.2L V8 (Add the new performance package for 435-hp)

A Silverado package for everyone

If having a wide range of powertrain options isn’t enough, Chevy has a long list of performance and appearance packages to customize your truck’s capabilities.

  • Snow Plow Prep for WT, LT, and LTZ
  • Trailering packages for WT, Custom, LT, and RST
  • Work Truck performance package for WT
  • Performance Upgrade package for LT, RST, LTZ, High Country and LT Trail Boss
  • Max Trailering for LT, RST, LTZ, and High Country
  • Advanced Trailering for LT, RST, and LT Trail Boss
  • Z71 Off-Road package available for WT, LT, and High Country
  • WT Appearance package to add 17-inch aluminum wheels and chrome bumpers to your base model
  • Assist Step and Tonneau Value package to add assist steps and soft cover
  • Off-Road Appearance package to add a tonneau cover, steps, and light bar