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Before buying a new car, it’s a good idea to check if it’s compatible with your smartphone. Many modern vehicles come with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay integration, but some have only one or the other. If your iPhone is practically glued to your hand and a 2023 Chevy Bolt EV is on your list of vehicles to test drive, you’ll want to know whether it comes with Apple CarPlay.

The 2023 Chevy Bolt EV is the most affordable new electric vehicle

Does the 2023 Chevy Bolt EV Have Apple CarPlay
2023 Chevy Bolt | Chevrolet

The 2023 Chevy Bolt EV is an electric vehicle worth considering. Chevrolet’s entry into the EV market is distinguished by its hatchback design, highly affordable starting price, respectable range, relatively upscale interior, and generous standard entertainment and safety tech.

According to Car and Driver, the 2023 Bolt EV isn’t much different from the 2022 and 2021 models, except the massive price drop. In the fourth quarter of 2020, Chevrolet recalled every Bolt for a dangerous battery issue, which marred the vehicle’s reputation. But upon fixing it, the automaker reduced the MSRP by $5,900 for the 2022 model and $10,900 for the 2021 model. Thanks to that price cut, the 2023 Chevy Bolt EV, which starts at $26,595, is the most affordable electric vehicle in the U.S., even though it’s no longer eligible for the federal tax credit.

For an EV competing on price, the Bolt also delivers in other ways. The 2022 model saw a refreshed exterior, which the 2023 model also sports. It has sharper edges and new stampings adorning an architecture shaped somewhat like an egg. It’s the kind of styling you’ll love or hate, but it’s certainly unique. And even if you hate it, the aesthetics don’t impede performance. Under the hood is a 65-kWh lithium-ion battery paired with a single motor producing 200 hp and 226 lb-ft of torque. The Bolt is rated for 259 miles of range and handles pretty smoothly.

Chevrolet also equipped the EV with one-pedal driving and regenerative braking, which function fairly well, Kelley Blue Book reports. And the EV surprises with an upscale interior you wouldn’t expect for the cheapest car in the segment. However, the Bolt is a little snug, especially in the rear. But this subcompact hatchback isn’t a vehicle for the Gronkowski brothers, so taller drivers and families, be warned.

Does the 2023 Chevy Bolt EV have Apple CarPlay?

Yes, the 2023 Chevy Bolt EV comes with Apple CarPlay. Both trims — 1LT and 2LT — come standard with Apple CarPlay integration. Plus, you can easily connect to Apple CarPlay wirelessly in both models. But keep in mind that if you don’t use a USB cable to connect and simultaneously charge your phone, you’ll find your phone’s battery draining a lot quicker.

Apple CarPlay continues to evolve. And with over-the-air updates available, the Bolt EV will benefit from all of them. Later this year, Apple plans to launch iOS 16, bringing significant changes to how CarPlay will operate. The tech giant unveiled some of these changes at a recent Apple Worldwide Developer Conference.

Fundamentally, iOS 16 will allow Apple CarPlay to manage more functions of your vehicle. Some of these functions include climate systems and heated/cooled seats. You’ll also be able to see many of your car’s key indicators on your touchscreen rather than in the instrument cluster.

What other tech features does the 2023 model provide?

Don’t worry if you and your passengers use iPhones or Android devices — the 2023 Chevy Bolt EV also has Android Auto integration. It’s even compatible with Amazon Alexa, so no matter how you organize your life, this little EV has you covered.

The Bolt is not only about organization and access. It’s also compatible with Spotify, letting you play your favorite music through a seven-speaker Bose audio system (in an optional Infotainment package). If you want a heated steering wheel and front seat, you’ll find them in the Comfort and Convenience package. And you can also pay for an optional subscription-based Wi-Fi hotspot or wireless smartphone charging.

But if you refuse to be upsold, rest assured, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto come standard in the 2023 Chevy Bolt EV. You can access both apps through the car’s 10.2-inch touchscreen. And when iOS 16 rolls out, you’ll find controlling every aspect of your EV even easier.


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