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The fifth-generation Ram 1500 (2019-present) has a well-engineered interior with a ton of storage space. Some firearms fans have noted compartments ideal for (unlocked) handgun and rifle storage, and aftermarket safes are available. Ram does not option its trucks with factory-installed gun safes or gun racks. But you might be surprised by the lockable compartments Ram does offer.

Can you fit a handgun in the Ram 1500’s center console?

The Ram 1500 has a huge center console. Its cupholder shelf slides front to rear, opening up a storage compartment large enough for a laptop, full-size lunchbox, purse, or even to hide a gun. Several companies sell locking safes for this console.

2021 Ram 1500 Big Horn – Center Console | Stellantis

Consumer Reports raved about the Ram 1500’s “thoughtful storage options.” Its reviewers said the following about the Ram 1500’s console:

“The center console has an adjustable cup holder and storage tray with a notably sturdy operation. Cubbies are unlined hard plastic, but they have a grippy rubber base to hold small items in place.”

Consumer Reports

In addition to its center console, the latest Ram 1500 has lots of other storage options. This includes an open bin atop the dashboard, bins in the doors, and a storage bin beneath the armrest. The Ram 1500 even has a unique under-floor storage bin in the rear passenger area. Ram owners can use this deep plastic bin for anything from tool storage to an impromptu cooler.

Can you fit a rifle under the Ram 1500’s rear seat?

The rear seat of the Ram 1500 folds up and allows several storage options. The manufacturer included a folding shelf tray that you can flip up to create a covered storage box the length of the rear seat (58 inches).

The latest Ram has gun-storage options aplenty.
2021 Ram Stadium Fold Storage Open | Stellantis

The 2019-present Ram 1500’s under-seat storage box is roughly 58 inches long by at least 18.75 inches wide and 7.5 inches deep. Ram owners have found it’s long enough for lots of sports equipment, such as fishing poles and rifles.

While Ram’s under-seat storage box is roomy, it is not especially secure. A rifle in this space could slide around and would even be accessible by rearseat passengers. Therefore, several truck accessories builders have engineered gun shelves for this under-seat space.

Can you install a gun safe in your Ram 1500?

Because Ram offers so many storage spaces in its 2019-present truck, you actually have multiple options for where to install a gun safe: in the center console (handgun sized), under the cab floor (handgun sized), and underneath the rear seat (rifle sized).

2022 Ram RamBins in-floor storage | Stellantis

You can buy multiple aftermarket gun safes for your fifth-generation Ram 1500. In addition, you can order a new truck with multiple locking compartments.

Like many trucks, Ram offers a locking glove box. But this space is not up to gun safe specifications. In addition, you can order a Ram 1500 with the “Rambox” system. This adds a pair of long toolboxes to the sheet metal of the pickup bed. You can access these boxes through hinged lids on either side of the bed.

In the Ram 1500, the Rambox tool boxes are 50.5-inches long. You can option a Ram 2500 with a 6’4″ bed and 60-inch Ramboxes. The Rambox compartments are both metal and lockable. For this reason, multiple accessory manufacturers build gunracks to safely store rifles in Ramboxes.

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