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You may have heard about the Lamborghini brand for supercars, but did you know the brand also makes tractors? These work vehicles might not rival a supercar you would run into on the street, but don’t underestimate the Lamborghini tractor brand. That’s only if you can get your hands on one, too.

Are Lamborghini tractors still made?

1960 Lamborghini Centenary art tractor front 3/4 view
1960 Lamborghini Centenary art tractor | Cartech

The Lamborghini brand actually started as Lamborghini Trattori in 1948 by Ferruccio Lamborghini. It is headquartered in Pieve di Cento, Italy, and the brand still makes tractors. These are some of the most top-of-the-line luxurious tractors one could buy.

Lamborghini used American-made military surplus materials to make these first tractors. “With time, research, and passion, the brand became synonymous with innovation in producing agricultural machinery.”

Since then, Lamborghini tractors have not slowed down. They offer a full range of tractors with over 21 options to buy new. In addition, there are a variety of used options on the market.

How much does a Lamborghini tractor cost?

Mach VRT Lamborghini tractor | Lamborghini

There are a variety of sources with pricing for the tractors from the luxury brand tractors. The lineup includes open-field tractors, vineyards, orchards, compact tractors, crawlers, and front-loaders. These prices vary widely as each has different sizes and trim levels.

Back in 2014, Car and Driver took a Lamborghini Nitro tractor up to Stelvio Pass in Italy. At that time, the tractors started around $94,600 for the Nitro tractor. The fully loaded version was more like $146,000. If you plan on buying new, you can spend between $150,000 and $215,000.

The good news is that these tractors have been around for a long time. You can find a used 2011 tractor for $83,286 on resell sites like Tractor House. There are a variety of options under $20,000 as well. Classic Driver lists a 1995 DL25 for $53,060.

Not quite street-ready, but still fast enough


When Was the First Lamborghini Tractor Built?

The Mach VRT tractor is one of the bigger options on the market. It comes in a 230 with 226 hp or a 250 that gets 246 hp. It comes with a VRT continuously variable transmission. The Mach has a Deutz Common Rail high-pressure injection system and a hydraulic clutch. “Unrivalled power, productivity, and style,” Lamborghini says of the tractor. And to be fair, it is pretty cool.

These might not be a Lamborghini Huracán Super Trofeo EVO2, but it is still pretty cool.

“While this may be the slowest Lamborghini we’ve ever driven, it is also one of the most memorable. This pig-iron Lambo is a descendant of the humble tractors that made Ferruccio’s fortunes and made possible all the great moments, from that first vaffanculo to Ferrari to the stilleto-heel marks on the headliner of Rod Stewart’s Miura.”

Mike Duff | Car and Driver

And with that, it does not seem that production is slowing down anytime soon. The production plant only makes about 2,500 yearly, making the tractors just as hard to get as a Lamborghini Urus. That sounds about right.