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Are you considering a hybrid SUV? Jeep actually offers three hybrid SUVs at the moment, with more on the way soon. Jeep brands its plug-in hybrid drivetrain as the 4xe. For the 2022 model year, you can buy several 4xe-powered Wrangler and Grand Cherokee trims. The new third-row Wagoneer SUV (which does not technically wear any Jeep badges) borrows eTorque mild-hybrid technology from the Ram 1500 and pairs it with the 6.4-liter HEMI V8 for the first time ever. Jeep will also be expanding its hybrid offerings to a Renegade and a Wagoneer 4xe soon. See how the current Jeep hybrids compare in the table below:

Wrangler 4xeGrand Cherokee 4xeWagoneer eTorque (4wd)
Drivetrain2.0-liter I4 plug-in hybrid2.0-liter I4 plug-in hybrid6.4-liter V8 mild hybrid
Electric efficiency49 MPGe56 MPGen/a
Gas-only efficiency20 MPG (combined)23 MPG (combined)17 MPG (combined)
MSRP$53,795 – $59,370$55,865 – $74,300$61,995 – $76,995

Jeep Wrangler 4xe

Promo photo of a purple Jeep Wrangler plug-in hybrid SUV parked in teh desert.
2023 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 4xe | Stellantis

It’s fitting that the first Jeep hybrid was the brand’s flagship Wrangler SUV. The Wrangler can trace its roots back to WWII when the Willys company pioneered a nimble, open 4×4 to transport Allied troops. After the war, Willys offered a civilian jeep (CJ) version. The Jeep quickly became a favorite convertible off-roader. Over the decades, and several merges with other companies, Willys released slightly improved generations of its CJ. After a merge with Dodge, the SUV became the “Wrangler” but it retained its body-on-frame construction, solid 4×4 axles, and removable roof.

There have been multiple electric Jeep Wrangler concept vehicles. Then in 2021, the Jeep Wrangler took a big step into the future when Stellantis rolled out a plug-in hybrid, 4xe drivetrain. The hybrid Jeep “Sahara” trim starts at $53,795. The Rubicon 4xe is engineered for off-road performance while the High Altitude trim is a luxury-oriented SUV. The Wrangler 4xe offers 22 miles all electric range. It also offers a 49 miles per gallon equivalent (MPGe) when driving in hybrid mode. But the 4xe’s batteries make it almost 500 pounds heavier than an equivalent Wrangler. It’s no surprise that on gasoline power only, this heavy SUV gets just 20 mpg.

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Jeep Grand Cherokee 4xe

Two gray Jeep plug-in hybrid SUVs parked in a valley for a promo shot, mountains and clouds visible in the background.
2023 Jeep Wrangler and Grand Cherokee 4xe | Stellantis

A Wrangler with the 4xe powertrain can cost as much as Jeep‘s top-trim Wrangler 392. The Wrangler 4xe is very much a premium Jeep. It makes sense that Jeep’s next SUV to offer this plug-in hybrid drivetrain would be the luxurious Grand Cherokee. The Grand Cherokee 4xe has the exact same turbocharged I4 engine and electric motor as the Wrangler. But it offers five, increasingly opulent trim levels. The Grand Cherokee 4xe also benefits from a much more aerdynamic shape than the Wrangler.

The MSRP of a Grand Cherokee 4xe is $58,095. But you will pay $74,695 for the upper-end Summit Reserve trim. The more efficient shape of the Grand Cherokee helpst this 4xe achieve 56 MPGe. It also offers 26 miles of all-electric range. With only its I4 engine running it gets 23 mpg.

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Wagoneer mild hybrid

Red Jeep Wagoneer full-size mild-hybrid SUV parked on an off-road trail, trees visible in the background.
2023 Wagoneer | Stellantis

Jeep’s final hybrid option is not technically a full hybrid, and might not even technically be a Jeep. Stellantis resurrected the Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer nameplate for an all-new full-size SUV. This 3rd row SUV is built on the Ram 1500’s chassis, though it enjoys upgrades such as a larger engine and independent rear suspension. Even though the Wagoneer brand technically falls under Stellantis’ Jeep division, you won’t find any Jeep badges on this SUV.

Since 2018, Ram has been offering a mild hybrid system branded as eTorque for its V6 and 5.7-liter V8 engines. This system combines the truck’s starter and alternator into a single motor/generator unit connected to the engine by a serpentine belt. This unit smooths out the automatic start/stop function and is capable of some regenerative braking.

The Wagoneer and luxury-level Grand Wagoneer’s base engine is the 6.4-liter HEMIV V8 (shared with the Jeep 392). And for the first time ever, Stellantis is offering its largest V8 with the eTorque mild hybrid system. While this system likely improves the Wagoneer’s fuel mileage, the heavy SUV still comes nowhere near the 4xe’s mpg. The 4WD version of the Wagoneer with the eTorque V8 gets 13 city/18 highway mpg (15 combined). Ordering a 2WD version gains you 1 mpg on the highway. The regular Wagoneer starts at $61,995 and offers several trim levels. Jeep brands the Grand Wagoneer as a completely separate vehicle and it starts at $88,640.

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