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As electric cars, trucks, and SUVs increase in popularity, more EV charging stations pop up daily. Public electric vehicle chargers have also opened quickly, especially at large gas stations in high-traffic areas. Buc-ee’s has some EV charging stations in six states and is working on opening more. For the most part, these are Tesla Superchargers.

Some Buc-ee’s have EV charging stations

Does this Buc-ee's have EV charging stations?
Buc-ee’s magnets for sale at Buc-ee’s in Terrell, Texas | Allison V. Smith for The Washington Post via Getty Images

The good news is that Buc-ee’s has EV charging stations these days. One of the best ways to navigate to a Buc-ee’s with electric car chargers is to check the PlugShare map. This shows various Buc-ee’s that are equipped with chargers. For instance, the store at 6900 Buc-ee’s Boulevard in Leeds, Alabama, has 250 kW Tesla Superchargers. It states this store is only for Tesla EVs right now, but that could change in the future. The chargers are open 24/7, and there are 16 plugs for drivers. There are also eight CCS/SAE and CHAdeMO chargers. The CCS/SAE chargers are 350 kW, and the CHAdeMO ones are 50 kW, both through Electrify America.

Another Buc-ee’s at 4155 N General Bruce Drive in Temple, Texas, has 10 250 kW Tesla Superchargers. There are 48 plugs for use, which means this is probably a pretty busy area to charge up. Many of the stores throughout Texas have Tesla chargers, but not all of the options have CS/SAE and CHAdeMO chargers.

It is a good idea to check the station’s website or PlugShare map before going. The good news is that Buc-ee’s stations tend to be in pretty high-traffic areas that might have a charger nearby.

Buc-ee’s is expanding, and so are the EV charging stations

Back in 2021, CleanTechnica reported that Buc-ee’s and Tesla were working together on adding electric car chargers to stores in seven states. These states were Texas, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, Kentucky, and South Carolina. It seems like progress has been made on that, with Tesla charging stations present in almost all of those states.

While there do not appear to be too many EV charging stations at Buc-ee’s yet, all the stations are up and running and look high quality. Users can use photos and reviews on the PlugShare map, and there are many positive reviews. Sometimes public charging stations can be in disrepair, so recent reviews help other drivers find the best chargers.

Tesla is planning to open its Supercharger network

Tesla announced back in 2021 that it was opening its Supercharger network to non-Tesla vehicles. As recently as this week, drivers of non-Tesla cars have been able to charge at a few Tesla Superchargers. The automaker says the pilot is only accessible for CCS-enabled vehicles. “If a Supercharger post has two cables or an installed adapter, non-Tesla cars can only charge with the CCS connector,” the website reads.

It is possible some future Buc-ee’s EV charging stations will have Tesla Superchargers, and perhaps those chargers will accommodate non-Tesla vehicles. The Leeds, Alabama, store has both types of chargers already available.

For now, a few Buc-ee’s have EV charging stations. Researching the location ahead of time will minimize the surprises. As new stores open throughout those seven states, there is a good chance an electric vehicle charging station is also in the plans. Buc-ee’s is expanding rapidly, so keep an eye out if you are in one of those states.


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