Does BMW Have The Best High-End Luxury Sedan This Year?

The market for luxury sedans is growing every year. As materials and technology become more available and more affordable, car manufacturers are having to work even harder to design and create cars with the newest features, and using the highest-quality materials. There is a wide market for high-end full-sized sedans and the prices can range from affordable to outrageous pretty quickly. But, in way of luxury sedans, the average person usually thinks of a few common brands, like Audi and BMW, or Mercedes-Benz.

Even if there are brands that exclusively focus on luxuries like Bentley and Rolls Royce, that doesn’t mean there aren’t just as good ‘lower end’ luxury sedans on the market.

The BMW 7 Series

BMW appears to have done something noteworthy this year to make it stand out from the competition because the 7 Series has the highest score of any full-sized luxury sedan that Consumer Reports has tested so far this year.

The 7 Series is significantly larger from the outside than the brand’s most popular sedan, the 3 Series. The front end has the classic kidney-bean styled grille that is iconically BMW, but oversized to match the new facelift. The headlights are sleek yet aggressive, giving the car a sportier and more modern appearance from the front.

2020 BMW 745Le xDrive | BMW
2020 BMW 745Le xDrive | BMW

From the side, it looks like the 7 Series was designed with comfort in mind. It is tall, wide, and long enough to accommodate passengers of any height and size, while still giving everyone inside the car plenty of personal space.


The interior of the 7 Series is where this car really shines. Soft-touch leather lines the comfortable and wide seats as well as the door panels and center console. Behind the steering wheel, the driver will appreciate the widescreen digital display that can be customized to your personal preferences and can show a number of features and gauges. 

In the middle of the dashboard is a large infotainment screen with BMW’s newly updated iDrive system. The new system has a more user-friendly voice control option that lets you make phone calls, direct the navigation system, or do other smaller tasks. Unlike the infotainment system in some other BMW models, the one that comes standard in the 7 Series is a touch screen.

2020 BMW 745Le xDrive | BMW
2020 BMW 745Le xDrive Interior | BMW

The driver and passenger seat can be adjusted electronically and have several spaces for memory seating. More interestingly though, the steering column is also electronically adjustable, and these settings are saved along with the driver side memory settings.

The back seat of the 7 Series is just as spacious as the front seat, with plenty of legroom and headspace to comfortably fit several adults. The middle seat isn’t wide enough to comfortably fit three passengers in the back, however, you can fit three passengers there if you needed to. 

The BMW 7 Series is designed to be comfort-first, so while it doesn’t have an underwhelming amount of power, it isn’t necessarily the fastest car BMW has to offer. The suspension and insulation are designed for a quiet and smooth ride, free of road noise and jarring movements. It offers an excellent ride quality that makes it stand out as one of the best luxury sedans on the market.


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