Does Anyone Regret Buying an RV?

As the pandemic continues, campers are getting sold rapidly. There seem to be many stories of campers loving the RV they chose and being happy that they made the plunge into purchasing one. But are there any people who actually regret buying one?

One Reddit forum shows there are some people that bought a camper only to have buyer’s remorse about it. Here’s what some users said made them regret their decision to buy. 

RVs are expensive to own

Whether you buy a motorhome, a pop-up camper, or a travel trailer, expect to pay a large sum of money for it. They can cost as much as or more than a brand-new car in a lot of cases, so buying one takes careful thought and planning. 

However, there’s more to the costs of owning a camper than just purchasing the rig. You must pay to fill up propane tanks before your trip and probably a time or two while you’re camping, depending on what you run off of it and how often you need the propane to run. 

There’s also the cost of gasoline, food items for the trip, parts for any repairs, and paying someone to perform maintenance on it once or twice a year. Then there’s the cost of campgrounds. Some you’ll pay by the night, others are seasonal passes. 

These RV owners didn’t get what they needed

Some Reddit users pointed out that they bought an RV they thought they needed, but they turned out to be wrong. In some cases, people purchased larger trailers thinking the extra space would be good for their trips. However, they quickly found out that the bigger the camper was, the bigger the pain it turned out to be. 

Others bought campers that were the right size, but the layout of the rig just didn’t work for their situations. One couple even mentioned that they despised their purchase, only using it to sleep in and not much else. Once they traded it for a different camper, they were much happier and got more use out of it. 

The best advice experienced campers offered was to do extensive research on what you want before actually buying. Figure out which features you need, what you can do without, etc. Then, look for an RV that meets those requirements. 


Buying an RV at an Auction Can Save You a Ton of Money

Some didn’t understand the rig they purchased. Getting to know how your camper works before using it at a campground will eliminate some of those headaches. The Getaway Couple has a video for beginners to learn what mistakes many inexperienced campers make and how to best handle them. 

It’s hard to find places to camp

Some people want to buy an RV because they’re attracted to the thought of getting away without dealing with the costs of hotel or motel rooms. They think a camper allows them to just pack up and go, on a whim, to a campground, where they can camp out for a few days and nights. 

While it can be true, it’s just not likely to happen as easily as that. Campgrounds are often full, especially now with the lockdowns and restrictions of the pandemic. Many users complained that the places they wanted to park their RV were always packed, so they couldn’t actually use the camper when they wanted to. 

Those that could have season passes to a spot on the campground. This way, they could pack up anytime and head on over without worrying about finding a spot to camp at. They already had one that they paid in advance for. But these can be expensive, and they’re not always as easy to come by either. 

RVs have proven to some that camping allows them to get away from the stresses of life for a week or so. They can unwind and clear their minds, so they go back and tackle life once more. But buying an RV isn’t the right move for everyone. Be sure to know what you’re getting into before plunging into a purchase.