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Tesla is a force to be reckoned with. Not only is it one of the most innovative and versatile companies out there, but the brand also stirs up constant controversy. Most people have an opinion on the Tesla brand, whether it’s a good one or a bad one. But do any actual owners regret buying a Tesla?

A women outside of a Tesla store
A woman standing outside of a Tesla store | Zhang Peng/LightRocket via Getty Images

The love people have for Tesla

Most people are quite satisfied with their Tesla purchases, taking advantage of its lack of environmental impact and menagerie of advanced technology.

With its hefty price tag, a Tesla vehicle should satisfy its buyers after all. In a recent study done by Bloomberg, 5,000 Tesla owners were surveyed about what they thought of the vehicle. According to Business Insider, an astounding 99% of Tesla owners claim “they would recommend the Model 3 to their family or friends, and 98% said they would buy the vehicle again.”

Consumer Reports surveyed Tesla car owners and found that 88% of Model S owners said that they would definitely purchase the same car again, while 90% of Model 3 owners said the same.

Both 2019 models receive a perfect owner satisfaction rating of five out of five by Consumer Reports. If so many people are satisfied with their cars, why do some owners regret buying a Tesla?

Is it “cool” to hate Tesla?

No matter what, controversy seems to follow the Tesla brand, as well as its CEO Elon Musk. According to an article by Inc., some people hate Tesla so much that they are “parking pickup trucks in front of chargers” and there are even a few reports of Tesla-specific vandalism. With most of the world viewing Tesla with a “love it” or “hate it” type relationship, even Tesla’s market perception is unbalanced. 

According to Investor Place, Tesla stock went up 37% in the last months of the year and did better than expected after previous losses. This fluctuation has continuously followed Tesla, people often getting stuck between the idealistic nature of the company and the reality of economics. Musk’s continuous presence in social media and otherwise does not help the faith of stockholders.

Some people simply cannot get behind electric vehicles and the optimistic mindset that Tesla puts forth. According to Forbes, “average people see EVs as exotic, weird cars. Certainly not for them. It means straying from a critical comfort zone.” Others find Musk’s extra endeavors, like Space X to be obnoxious.

So does anyone regret buying a Tesla?

Some owners complain that their Tesla vehicle has needed more repairs at lower mileage when compared with previously-owned vehicles. While a few say that these repairs are frustrating to the wallet, most Tesla owners are able to afford the inconvenience.

Others find that the savings in gas make up for costs in maintenance. According to a few Reddit threads, finding or waiting for a charging station seems to be the worst part of owning a Tesla, even though it has nothing to do with the car itself. You’ll also have to wait for parts, which aren’t as easily accessed as other brand parts.

The resounding majority of Tesla owners do not regret purchasing the vehicle but may regret not opting for certain features or upgrades. Like the Tesla owners on Torque News, most owner regrets include wishing they had chosen another color or even waiting too long to buy the Tesla in the first place. Other wish they had opted for upgraded version or performance options.

What seems to be true is that Tesla owners are Tesla lovers, and Tesla haters won’t ever be Tesla owners.