Does Anyone Regret Buying a SUV?

The options are abounding, the utility is undebatable, and it’s no secret that these are an American favorite. The sport utility vehicle, or SUV, is a versatile and well-loved mode of transportation. There are many who opt to buy one, even if they often drive solo.

The SUV is a great high occupancy vehicle. Its versatility, however, brings interest from many different kinds of people for many different reasons. Someone thinking about buying an SUV may have a few questions –– who buys them? Do they love them or hate them? Does anyone regret buying an SUV?

Who loves SUVs?

A single woman may be in the market for a Tahoe because she has three big labradors and likes to go camping. Or a single man might be looking into buying a Suburban so he can carpool the guys to rugby practice. The SUV obviously makes a great family car, too, with its spacious cargo and generous seating arrangements.

They accommodate car seats for the little ones and a dog bed for Spot. Sport utility vehicles can pretty much carry as many coolers, backpacks, and other gear you might need. Not to mention the stylish appeal that makes them so widely popular.

SUVs appeal to a huge audience and you can find them in many driveways across the country.

Sometimes SUVs are scoffed at for being “gas guzzlers” or larger than necessary. This may be true to some extent. But lately, gas prices have been nice and low. The SUV also has a few models that have upgraded to hybrid technology.

People that regret buying an SUV are few and far between. It’s definitely the trend these days and gas prices only seem to get cheaper.

Of course, a vehicle that is so widely popular is going to have a few complaints. Sometimes the ride isn’t smooth, or the interior is less luxurious and more utilitarian. The question stands––does anyone ever regret buying an SUV?

Does anyone regret buying a SUV?

SUV owners are in love with their SUVs. Not all of them, though. Some people with farther commutes have had to downsize due to the fuel expense that some SUVs contribute to.

One of the primary issues that SUVs get hammered for is fuel mileage. There is some truth to their having low mileage. For that reason, people that own an SUV for recreation sometimes have a smaller and more practical commuter as well. There are many more hybrid models emerging in recent years. The popularity of the SUV has no end in sight.

Still, a vast majority of SUV owners drive their SUV every day. It’s their daily driver. Is everyone always satisfied with their decision to buy an SUV? On this forum, the response was overwhelmingly positive.

Are there any downsides first-time SUV owners should know about?

The fact that an SUV has lower gas mileage than something smaller like a sedan is no secret. This is definitely something you have to consider when researching an SUV.

Also, sometimes they are so functional that they lack a bit on the luxury end. They can be higher off the ground and a body-on-frame design can mean a bumpier ride. So, while I don’t know for sure if anyone regrets buying an SUV, they aren’t for everyone.