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The Ram 1500 is one of the best trucks on the market today. It has won many awards and its features, such as its interior styling, have made Ram’s competitors jealous. But the Ram 1500 is not a perfect truck, and it does have its flaws. That begs the question, does anyone regret buying a Ram 1500?

No regrets

While certainly, someone, somewhere out there regrets or flat out hates their Ram 1500, the vast majority of Ram 1500 owners don’t. There’s no definitive survey or study out there about it, but by and large, based on social media outlets such as Dodge Talk and Reddit, most owners seem to be happy with their Ram 1500s. 

This makes a lot of sense, as the Ram 1500 is better than its competition in many areas that truck lovers care about, such as towing capacity, engine power, and other practical features. On top of that, the Ram 1500 and its many assortments of options allow it to be a great luxury truck too. That said, Ram 1500 owners had some regrets, but these regrets had to do with the options that they could’ve had. 

Bigger is usually better

One of the more common regrets, when it came to Ram 1500 options, was simply not getting a big enough truck bed. Ram offers several truck bed options for the 1500 as well as its heavy-duty models.

For example, Ram offers a five-foot seven-inch truck bed as standard on the Ram 1500, and while this is a good size for a full-size truck, it wasn’t big enough for a lot of folks.

The six-foot four-inch truck bed is an option on all Ram 1500 models, and this is a big enough bed for most people. However, even this one isn’t big enough for some truck lovers. Ram also offers an eight-foot truck bed on the Ram 2500 heavy-duty truck, and some Ram 1500 owners expressed regret that they should’ve bought the eight-foot truck bed over the six-foot option.

This makes sense, as truck lovers tend to value capability a lot. A pickup truck can do many things that a regular sedan or SUV can’t, and by having a bigger bed, the Ram 1500 can simply do more things that a truck with a smaller bed can’t do. 

Additionally, another common regret was simply not spending more money for the premium Laramie trim of the truck. The Laramie trim upgrades the already great interior of the Ram 1500 some more, and some Ram 1500 owners expressed regret on social media about not having those upgrades after seeing them in action. 

What else you should know about the Ram 1500

Like some Ram 1500 owners said jokingly, it’s probably not a good idea to choose the six-foot truck bed option for the Ram 1500 if you live in a city where you may need to park your Ram 1500 on the street. The Ram 1500 is already a big truck, and getting the bigger truck bed option will make parking an even bigger nightmare

On top of that, despite what Ram says in its marketing, the Ram 1500 is no longer one of the most fuel-efficient pickup trucks on the market. This may not matter to many truck lovers, but still, it’s simply no longer true with the introduction of the Tesla Cybertruck. 

Furthermore, independent tests of the Ram 1500’s fuel economy showed that it’s actually less than what it’s advertised as. Again, for most truck lovers, fuel economy doesn’t really matter. But, if you do care about that, then you may regret the Ram 1500 if you buy it.