Does Anyone Regret Buying a Ford F-150?

The Ford F-150 is a fan favorite, and we often feature stories and reviews about just how popular this pickup is with consumers. It’s a competitive truck among the “Big Three” and is routinely considered the best-selling truck in America. However, reviews and ratings don’t necessarily represent the opinions of everyone.

Even the most popular truck owners may have regrets about their purchasing decision. We wanted to explore a little deeper to find out if buyer’s remorse and overall regret with having purchased an F-150 exists.

What the Ford F-150 gets right

Ford F-150 models on display at a Ford dealership
Ford F-150 models | Joe Raedle/Getty Images

A truck doesn’t earn bragging rights as a best-seller without having proof in the pudding. The Ford F-150 has historically offered and continues to provide the most desirable features, configurations, and performance capability.

The experts put the pickup contenders through serious testing in addition to considering the reviews of F-150 owners. Year after year, F-150 gets it right and does so where it matters, including safety, tech, and powertrain choices.

If buying new is your preference, you’ll be impressed with what the 2020 Ford F-150 has to offer. Some of the experts are calling this truck the ‘total package’ with its comfortable interior, convenient tech, and powerful engine options. All engine configurations are married with a 10-speed automatic transmission. In addition, some of the engines previously reserved for higher trims are now offered in lower-level trims.

When you look to find public opinion regarding truck ownership, you have a ton of valuable resources at your fingertips. Many organizations like Consumer Reports, Edmunds, and Kelley Blue Book compile much of what you need to know about a vehicle in one convenient review or report. Additionally, people love to talk about their trucks, and there are no shortage of threads asking about potential buyer’s remorse for the Ford F-150.

Are there post-purchase pitfalls that cause Ford F-150 regrets over time?

Ford F-150 buying regrets in the forums

Truck enthusiasts are fiercely loyal to their brands. They’re also quick to defend their pickups in the forums. When people ask for insight to help them buy their next ride, one question often comes up – ‘do you regret buying your F-150?’

There are a few remarks that speak to various complaints and F-150 issues. One commenter regrets the electrical problems with his 2015 model. Other concerns include the tail lights retaining moisture, burnt out brake lights, and premature paint chipping and rusting.

In more of a tongue-in-cheek response, we found one F-150 owner who only regrets the monthly payment. Another only regretted having purchased the XL instead of the XLT trim. Considering all the aspects of a truck that could go wrong, these few opinions seem to cite minor problems.

What you might regret by not choosing the F-150

For the most part, we uncovered rave reviews and positive reinforcement for Ford F-150 ownership. Most of the threads we found had fans that often chose the Ford over others for a variety of reasons. Gas mileage, configuration options, and longevity are just a few. Based on past experiences with other models, whether it be engine complications or mechanical issues, you might regret NOT buying a Ford F-150.

There are undoubtedly going to be complications with some trucks over time. Most of the concerns we found were with older F-150 models, and even then, these issues didn’t necessarily prompt any buyer regrets. If anything, it confirms the ratings and reviews of the masses. These are powerhouse trucks, and people still love to buy, drive and own them. Before you make your purchase, check the forums and the big consumer review resources. It sounds like buying a Ford F-150 won’t foster any feelings of regret later in ownership.