Dodge’s YouTube Channel Uploaded the Entire MotorTrend Roadkill Nights Street Racing Event

Dodge has had heavy involvement in racing events. Among these is Roadkill Nights, an event involving legal street racing and other spectacular automotive performances. Recently, Dodge uploaded the full 2021 show to its YouTube channel. Read on to learn more about Roadkill Nights, the uploaded even video, and past Dodge partnerships.

What is Roadkill Nights?

A Dodge Challenger getting hosed down before a race at the "Moscow Mile"
A Dodge Challenger getting hosed down before a race | Mihail Siergiejevicz/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

Roadkill Nights is an event primarily featuring street or drag racing. While drag racing is usually illegal, the event is fully sanctioned, allowing others to enjoy it without legal drawbacks. According to MotorTrend, this isn’t all, however. The event includes “a whole lot more, including drifting and speed exhibitions, a car show, and plenty of family-friendly entertainment.” This year, it added a new event featuring Eric Malone against popular social media influencers in a grudge racing competition. Being a well-known grudge racer himself, the stakes were certainly high to beat him.

The event is presented by MotorTrend each year, although there was a hiatus in 2020 due to the pandemic. After meeting health and safety regulations, it was able to bring the event back in August 2021. The event took place on Woodward Avenue in Detroit, Michigan. The road has a long and storied history, and it is perhaps one of the most iconic roads in the U.S. 

The entire event is now available on the Dodge YouTube channel

There might be a variety of reasons you weren’t able to attend Roadkill Nights this year. Perhaps you couldn’t go to Michigan for the event, or perhaps the tickets sold out. Additionally, maybe you did attend, but you want to relive the experience all over again or see the events from a new angle.

Thankfully, Dodge made an interesting move recently and posted the entire event on its YouTube channel. Typically, the event is only on MotorTrend’s channel. However, since Dodge was the sponsor behind the event in 2021, its affiliation prompted them to post the video. Now you can watch the full live stream on both of its channels.

Considering MotorTrend has kept up the past Roadkill Nights events, there doesn’t seem to be a limited timeframe on when you can watch it. As such, you can watch and come back to it as many times as you like. In total, the live stream is just under 10 hours. It allows you to see the event as you would if you were there live. The main difference is advertisements, which are included intermittently throughout the live stream, including ads for Dodge models and some MotorTrend productions.

Other Dodge partnerships with brands and publications


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Beyond Roadkill Nights, Dodge has partnered with many brands as part of its overall marketing strategy. According to IEG Sponsorship Report, it has partnered with everything from energy drinks to musical acts. Its partnership with Fast and Furious includes Dodge models appearing in many of the franchise’s films. This includes the most recent entry in the series, Fast and Furious 9.

The main reason for this partnership is the overlap of audiences. Many who enjoy Fast and Furious are car enthusiasts, making it a perfect match. Since the movies are based around cars, it also has the unique ability to show off the technical specs and performance of Dodge’s different vehicles, including its muscle cars.

The company has also partnered with Lego, allowing people to create versions of its cars in miniature brick form. Dodge currently has a set on Lego’s website, including a dragster and a 1970 Dodge Challenger. Thanks to its variety of partnerships, Dodge has reached many potential customers across different age groups.