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You’ve likely seen some interesting limousines on the roads. Of course the traditional black or white Cadillac or Lincoln limousine can still be seen somewhat regularly. And then there was the Lincoln Navigator limousine, which was pretty big for some time. Yet have you ever seen a Dodge Viper limousine? Have you ever even dreamed that such a thing exists? Well, it does, and you can buy it if you’re so inclined. 

A white 1996 Dodge Viper limousine outside.
Dodge Viper limousine | eBay

How did someone make a Dodge Viper limousine?

A white 1996 Dodge Viper limousine in a garage.
1996 Dodge Viper limousine | eBay

To make the Dodge Viper limousine, a 1996 Dodge Viper RT/10 was stretched about two car lengths, according to Road and Track. It also had a cabin added that allows the limo to seat twelve passengers, which obviously makes it much larger than a traditional limousine. Road and Track also notes that it’s the only one of its kind. This isn’t really a surprise, if it’s true. 

So does the Viper limo still look like a Viper? Sorta, kinda. If you were able to just look at the front or back of the limousine, you might not notice that it had been stretched. Yet once you can see past the front of the Viper, it’s clear that it’s anything but a standard sports car. 

The Viper limousine is a convertible, and you can see that it’s outfitted in black leather, giving it a proper mid-nineties feel. It measures twenty-five feet long, so parking it might be a little difficult. 

Perhaps the most confusing thing about the Dodge Viper limousine is its lack of doors. It’s as though someone just slapped some super long car pieces to the sawed-in-half pieces of a Dodge Viper – and it’s entirely possible that that’s just what someone did. Still, without rear doors allowing access to the passenger compartment, this isn’t the right ride to take your grandparents in, unless you plan on dropping them into the seats from above. 

What possessed someone to make a Dodge Viper limousine?

A white 1996 Dodge Viper limousine outside.
1996 Dodge Viper limousine | eBay

Who knows? Road and Track says that the eBay ad for the Viper limo says that it’s been used in TV shows and commercials, so possibly it was made for one such event. The ad also doesn’t clearly detail who made this limo, which begs the question of what exactly you’d be getting if you purchased it. Without knowing whether the person who built it knew what they were doing, it’s debatable whether you’d want to put actual human beings into it. 

Can I still buy the Viper limo?

A white 1996 Dodge Viper limousine outside.
1996 Dodge Viper limousine | Dodge

Devastatingly, no. The Dodge Viper limousine was for sale on ebay, with a starting bid of $135,000. It was listed for sale in Las Vegas, Nevada, and the seller was asking for wire transfers or cashiers checks. 

Yet despite its uniqueness, by the time the auction ended there were no bids. Now, that doesn’t mean that the seller wasn’t able to sell the limo elsewhere. It also doesn’t mean that we won’t see the Viper limousine appear for sale again in the future. But if the only-okay pictures and vague seller listing had you wanting to buy the Dodge Viper limousine right now, you’re sadly out of luck.

This isn’t the first time that an unconventional car has been made into a limousine. It’s unlikely to be the last, either. Still, there can’t be a huge market for vehicles like this. Especially vehicles which require being garaged and take up more space than two or three large SUVs. If you have your heart set on purchasing something like this, keep your eye out; there’s surely more to come.


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