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Dodge started off its first “Speed Week” event with some blockbuster reveals. In promoting its resurrection of the Direct Connection factory performance arm, the first reveal is a complete carbon fiber body of a 1970 Dodge Charger. So, through the Direct Connection Performance Parts division of Dodge, you can purchase one of these bodies. 

Will Direct Connection be making more than the 1970 Dodge Charger body?

Direct Connection
Direct Connection 1970 Charger carbon fiber body | DC

First, Finale Speed makes the body to OEM specifications. And more vintage carbon fiber bodies are already in the Direct Connection pipeline. A Plymouth Barracuda and Road Runner will also be coming soon. This is in addition to the carbon fiber components for its current Charger and Challenger which include an assortment of spoilers, rocker panels, rear diffusers, and front splitters. 

The Dodge Charger body has a pan that bolts up to various original B-body chassis from 1962 to 1979. That means you can swap a four-door 1970 Plymouth Satellite body under one. At this point, however, don’t start lining up parts. This body won’t be cheap. In the end, with all of the bits and pieces needed to make it look original, you’ll probably be better off buying a complete car. We hate to be a buzz kill, but that’s the downside to carbon fiber.  

Does Direct Connection sell other Dodge performance parts?

Direct Connection
Direct Connection Drag Pak body-in-white | DC

“Not only do we listen to our Dodge owners, but the brand also delivers the performance products our street car enthusiasts, drag racers, and vintage muscle fans need,” said Dodge CEO Tim Kuniskis. “Direct Connection is a program that lives up to its name, offering a pipeline of new products, including a Drag Pak Rolling Chassis for our sportsman drag racers, new licensed carbon fiber panels to cut weight and improve performance, and many more new additions to our growing performance parts portfolio.”

That’s another body Direct Connection has available. For Sportsman racers, a new body-in-white Challenger body. And to go along with it, a Drag Pak rolling chassis. These components can be used for racing in both NMCA and NHRA. The welded-in cage, made from 4130 Chromoly tubing, is NHRA certified to 7.50 seconds in the quarter mile. 

Can I build an entire Sportsman race car?

Direct Connection
Direct Connection Challenger Drag Pak | DC

Everything you would need from rear ends to brakes and racing transmission to complete engines is also in the Direct Connection catalog. The price for the body-in-white is $7995, while the rolling chassis is $89,999. But just think, you can get that all back and more from your winnings on the track. Right?

The transition from internal combustion to electric puts Dodge in an uncomfortable spot. As EVs are quicker and faster, it can hang its Dodge Boys had on that. But with such a rich past centered around the 5.7-liter modern Hemi, it’s a shame to just chuck it all. With the revival of Direct Connection, it won’t have to. Now, there is still an avenue to drown in what in a few years will be considered nostalgic speed. 

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1970 Dodge Charger R/T used in Fast & Furious movie | Getty