Dodge Managed to Sell 2 Brand-New Vipers in Q1 2021

The Dodge Viper went out of production back in 2017 as a result of poor sales figures. The Viper was never a high-volume model, to begin with. Instead, this V10-powered sports car served as the brand’s most powerful halo model for several years. However, as the ultra-powerful Hellcat models showed up at lower prices, it became harder to justify the supercar killer’s existence.

However, Stellantis recently released its sales figures for the first quarter of 2021, and it seems it is still selling this halo model. In fact, two of these brand-new cars sold in the first three months of the year. Chances are they will continue to sell as we move into the rest of the year.

Why was the Dodge Viper discontinued?

An image of a Dodge Viper out on a race track.
Dodge Viper ACR | Dodge

Before we dive into these latest Dodge Viper sales, let’s look at what killed this iconic model in the first place. The Viper can trace its heritage back to the early 1990s with its first generation. Despite having a lifespan of over two decades, this halo model used several variations of the same naturally-aspirated V10 engine.

The last Dodge Viper generation housed an 8.4-liter variant producing 640 hp and 600 lb-ft. All of that power went to the rear wheels exclusively via a six-speed manual transmission. Despite not offering an advanced automatic transmission, the Viper managed to break various track records throughout its many generations. Racing variants also did well competing in several classes of motorsport.

However, the Dodge Viper’s days became numbered as the American carmaker struggled to sell them. According to CarSalesBase, only 585 of these cars sold during its last year in production. The highest year ever for the model was 2003, with 2,103 units sold.

How much does this sports car cost today?

An image of a Dodge Viper out on a race track.
Dodge Viper ACR | Dodge

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Years after the Dodge Viper went out of production, prices began to creep up. That’s where these two brand-new cars come in. Look on the web, and you’ll find no sale ads for brand new cars. Despite this, several cars found homes throughout 2020, a trend that appears to continue into 2021. If we had to guess, the models selling today are likely the track-ready ACR trim.

That’s because in the used market, at least, these cars have begun to creep back up in price. Very low-mileage examples on Autotrader have $180,000 to $200,000 asking prices. For context, the ACR had an MSRP of $118,795.

Keep in mind; these are used examples selling for these high-dollar amounts. The cars reported by Stellantis are brand-new cars. Despite selling cars that have sat in dealerships for years, having it be a brand-new car likely commands a serious premium.

Is the Dodge Viper faster than a Hellcat?

An image of a Dodge Viper out on a race track.
Dodge Viper ACR | Dodge

Another major contributor to the Dodge Viper’s death came from its own Hellcat-powered siblings. While the halo model had a price nearing six figures, it didn’t pump out as much power as much cheaper Challenger and Charger models. While your typical Viper and Hellcat buyer likely live in different tax brackets, paying more for less power undoubtedly became a tough sell.

Since Dodge has found so much success with its Hellcat models and electric cars becoming more dominant, chances are this halo model will never return.