Dodge Just Unveiled the Fastest, Most Powerful Sedan Ever

2015 Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat

Dodge (FIATY.PK) made some waves when it revealed the fastest, most powerful production muscle car ever: the Challenger Hellcat. Its 6.2 liter supercharged V8 churns out a monstrous 707 horsepower and 650 pound-feet of torque, can hit a quarter-mile in under 11 seconds, and is supposedly capable of reaching a terminal speed of 199 miles per hour. But the question on many people’s lips was why keep this gem relegated to the Challenger line?

Dodge seems to have heard them, and on Wednesday morning, it pulled the veil off the most powerful sedan in the world: the Charger Hellcat. Shoe-horned into a new 2015 Charger model, the powertrain still makes 707 horsepower, but top speed is now 204 miles per hour, and the quarter-mile is dealt with in 11 seconds flat. Sixty comes in 3.7 seconds. The supercharger alone displaces 2.4 liters. That quarter-mile time? That’s on street tires.

This isn’t merely the fastest Dodge sedan or the fastest American sedan. This makes the Charger Hellcat the fastest production sedan in the world. Pricing isn’t yet available, but the Charger Hellcat will be hitting showrooms in the first-quarter of next year. If it even makes it that far.

It’s rear-wheel drive, and uses the same eight-speed transmission that’s found in the Challenger. Why is it faster at the top? Because of its longer body, Road and Track reports, the Charger has 12 percent less drag than its muscle car sibling, allowing for a higher top speed.



Of course, coming back to a stop is arguably as important as getting up to speed. For this reason, Dodge outfitted the Charger Hellcat with 15.6-inch Brembo rotors up front, with enormous stopping power coming from six pistons. These are the biggest brakes ever outfitted on a Dodge, and for good reason — it weighs about 100 pounds more than the Challenger, at 4,560 pounds, but the company said at the reveal that “actually the extra weight helps it get off the line.”

There’s no mileage figures to speak of yet, but don’t expect them to be good. Similarly, the pricing hasn’t been revealed yet either, but judging by the Challenger Hellcat’s price of $60,990, it’s safe to assume that you’re looking in the same ballpark, maybe a bit more — but honestly, it could get away with a lot more for the performance that the Charger is promising.

Needless to say, the Charger looks the part; it’s got a big-ass hood scoop for sucking in vast quantities of air, the front is sculpted and muscular, but not ostentatious in the least. In fact, were it not for the strategically placed vents, this would be one hell of a sleeper car. Around the back, there’s a tasteful spoiler and rear fascia that, like the front, isn’t overly dramatic about the power lurking beneath, but retains a muscular appearance. From the side, the biggest indication that this isn’t your everyday Charger is the big wheels hiding those enormous Brembos.

Owners will be given two key fobs — a black one and a red one. The black one unlocks only a partial piece of the Hellcat’s power, up to 500 horses worth. The red, though, unlocks all 707 of them. We feel like the black key fobs might be left on the hook most of the time, but that’s just us.