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You read that right. Dodge is in the market for a Chief Donut Maker and wants to gift the winner a Hellcat. So what’s the catch? The Chief Donut Maker is a significant player in the new business plan, titled Never Lift. Thus far, there is no catch. Well, you have to be able to do donuts and “Never Life,” but that should go without saying.

Become the Dodge Chief Donut Maker as part of the brand’s Never Lift program

Dodge Chief Donut Maker gets a Hellcat
Dodge Is Hiring a ‘Chief Donut Maker,’ Which Also Gets You a Hellcat | Dodge via YouTube

A lot is going on at Dodge right now. The automaker recently announced a 24-month Never Lift rollout on the official YouTube channel. In addition to that, an eight-week, 25-car giveaway is also in the books. According to Automotive News, the brand is calling this Operation 25/8, noting that the brand goes above and beyond more than 24/7.

The 25/8 giveaway will enlist the help of 25 celebrities from around the world. These stars are in sports, music, automotive, and others and will help find people to gift a new car to. The brand has also partnered with Amazon for this new initiative.

“More than gas, more than batteries, what fuels our run to tomorrow is attitude, a belief that we can always push harder, run faster and flat-out over-deliver on behalf of the brand and the Brotherhood of Muscle. 25/8 recognizes the spirit that makes Dodge, well, Dodge.”

Tim Kuniskis | Dodge CEO

In line with this initiative, Dodge is looking for a Chief Donut Maker that lives, breathes and donuts…Dodge.

What will the Dodge Chief Donut Maker do?

The brand is also looking to find a spokesperson/enthusiast to be the Chief Donut Maker. Kuniskis wants this person to be the backbone of the brand’s “Brotherhood of Muscle.” While the full job details haven’t been listed yet, it sounds like the dream job for someone.

The Chief Donut Maker will be given a Dodge Hellcat to perform the job, plus a $150,000 salary properly and some clothes to fit the bill. Dodge will also set the individual up with business cards to let everyone know you are the Chief Donut Maker. Basically, you can be Dodge’s Ken Block for a job. What’s not to love about that?

As a part of the Never Lift program, Operation 25/8 will be released on Nov. 12, 2021. More details about the Chief Donut Maker will be out on Jan. 12, 2022. If you check social media right now, there are plenty of people vying for the position already.

If this sounds like your dream job, get to doing donuts

It sounds like Dodge has a lot of big plans for the next two years. The automaker has always had a big following, but it seems to be regaining traction in the last few years. Vehicles like the Challenger Hellcat have captured the attention of gearheads and have been a significant part of that traction. With the new move toward insane horsepower crate engine swaps and higher power vehicles, it might just be Dodge’s time to shine again.

If any of this sounds like your dream job, keep an eye on the brand’s social media channels. More details will be released in the coming months.


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