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Dodge already announced it: there will be a next-generation electric vehicle (EV) from the infamous horsepower holdouts. However, instead of leaning on environmental scenes of puppies and lush foliage, Dodge is continuing with its “Mopar more power” attitude to market the upcoming beast. Dodge themselves exclaims, “performance made us do it,” and the eMuscle’s appearance has been a bit of mystery. However, MotorTrend recently released a rendering of the upcoming electric muscle car, and it looks nasty. 

Is Dodge coming out with electric vehicles?

Dodge already announced that it would move forward with the market by producing a fully-electric muscle car. That’s an interesting concept, considering that Dodge’s main segment competition, the Ford Mustang and Chevrolet Camaro, have been smaller, more efficient cars for years. As a matter of fact, you can buy a 2022 Ford Mustang EcoBoost that will squeeze 32 mpg out of its turbocharged four-cylinder engine at highway speeds. 

However, the automaker refrained from putting fuel economy on its list of priorities. The smallest engine you could get in a Dodge muscle car was the Pentastar V6 in the Challenger and Charger. Time marches on, though, and Dodge is electrifying to meet the market demand. 

Why is Dodge making an electric muscle car?

Tim Kuniskis, brand chief for the automaker, suggested that market research pointed to an opportunity to retain die-hard fans and electrify. According to MotorTrend, younger muscle car fans were amenable to the idea of flogging an electric muscle car. That doesn’t mean that fans won’t miss the gas-powered V8s they’ve grown to love. Further, fans wanted noise; the EV had to make a properly aggressive sound befitting the next generation of American Muscle. 

Dodge eMuscle electric muscle car teasers show a retro badge.
The updated badge for the eMuscle car | Stellantis

What will an electric muscle car sound like?

Although many high-performance EV torque monsters produce a sort of turbine-like spooling noise, Dodge seems intent on making a unique soundtrack. Part of what Kuniskis’ team is vying to make is a loud, lovable replacement for the internal combustion (ICE) muscle cars in the marque’s lineup. 

Of course, the byproduct of trading the whiney supercharged V8s for electric power is mind-blowing and instant torque. So while the upcoming eMuscle electric muscle car might not have the same old-school charm, it will undoubtedly be the gateway to a new kind of American performance car. 

When will the Dodge electric muscle car go on sale?

The Dodge eMuscle electric muscle car will likely be on sale for the 2025 model year, barring some organizational or market shift. As for the car’s overall appearance, the automaker will likely reveal the vehicle as soon as the end of summer 2022. It is currently unclear what price point the eMuscle have. Although Dodge says the base car may fall within the $40,000 to $50,000 sweet spot.

Of course, the baddest new Dodge EVs will likely demand a premium, just as the Redeyes and Demons did before. Scroll down to the following article to read more about muscle cars like the Challenger!


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