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Four-wheel burnouts and massive power are what Dodge is teasing for its electric “eMuscle” coming in 2024. In a forceful video announcement Dodge boss, Tim Kuniskis reveals the plan to dominate the power end of the EV zeitgeist. “Tear Up the Streets…Not the Planet” is how Dodge intends to market the electrification of Dodge products. 

The compelling eMuscle video is full of tire smoke and shredding pavement

Dodge eMuscle concept for 2024 engulfed in tire smoke
Dodge eMuscle concept for 2024 | Stellantis

Included in the vid are dark images of a 2024 Dodge muscle car amid tire smoke and shredding tires. You can see just enough to tell the concept is heavy on Charger curves from the past. Especially the illuminated rectangular grille looks like a variation of the iconic 1968 Charger grille. 

Stellantis is using today, dubbed “EV Day 2021” to reveal to the public its future EV plans. Up to now, it has been crickets while GM and Ford have been screaming EV technology for over a year. Besides a peek at how Dodge will market itself in the wake of electrification, is the announcement that an all-electric Ram is also coming in 2024. 

For Dodge, its eMuscle will be supported by the STLA Large electric platform. It features zero-to-60 times at two seconds and up to 500 miles of range. With a pair of 330-kilowatt electric motors, it is touting almost 900 hp for its EVs. 

“Dodge will not sell electric cars, Dodge will sell American muscle.” 

Dodge eMuscle concept for 2024
Dodge eMuscle concept for 2024 | Stellantis

Looking for “more performance” is how Dodge pivots to electricity. In the vid, Kuniskis says “Dodge will not sell electric cars.” Then he adds, “Dodge will sell American muscle.” 

Stellantis says the Dodge engineers have squeezed as much as they can from the internal combustion platform. So now, Dodge will switch to electric power for more performance. That change is because “Dodge has an obligation to embrace” the electric future to further its muscle car mantra.

Beyond the rhetoric, nothing is revealed about which, if any, current brands will join in. We don’t know if the Charger and/or Challenger vehicles are returning. Could Dodge go the way of its Detroit counterparts by dropping all cars for trucks and SUVs? It’s hard to tell right now.

What, exactly, will eMuscle look like?

Dodge boss Kuniskis lifting cover on 2024 concept
Dodge eMuscle concept with Dodge boss Kuniskis | Stellantis

What is clear is that there is still a market for three-box cars. And with both GM and Ford abandoning the architecture, Dodge and Chrysler are the only Detroit brands still making them. And finding some success at that. Especially for such old bones. 

Beyond the hint of retro styling, it also revealed Dodge is using its old three-pointed star from the 1960s as its new electric symbol. We had forgotten about the logo, called a “fratzog,” which was used for most Dodge cars and trucks in the 1960s and 1970s. So now the eMuscle has its new/old symbol in a revised fratzog. 

Obviously, this storyline is just beginning. Stellantis announced that it will center its electric future around four EV platforms it is developing. STLA Small, STLA Medium, STLA Large, and STLA Frame for commercial applications. Obviously, MotorBiscuit will bring you more info as Stellantis announces it.


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