Dodge Doesn’t Make a Challenger Convertible. So What Is This?

It honestly feels like the current Dodge Challenger has been available for, like, 62 years. Not really. But, it’s getting into Model T and VW Beetle category for longevity. Even the Model T and Beetle had variants like a convertible. We’ve wondered why Fiat-Chrysler doesn’t make a ‘vert version of the Challenger, and obviously so have others.

This Dealership Has ’em

The folks at Keffer Dodge, Jeep, Chrysler in Charlotte, North Carolina, took it upon themselves to rectify the glaring omission in the Challenger’s options list. Their solution? They send Challengers to Florida to a conversion shop to make convertible Challengers. 

Of course, they would have to choose an R/T Scat Pack Widebody version for the chop, and this is the result. We love it!

This Place Chops Them

Convertible Builders LLC in High Spring, Florida, do these conversions to other vehicles besides Challengers. It also cuts up Cadillacs, Dodge Chargers, and anything else that pops into its shop. Keffer sent three Challengers to Convertible Builders for the conversion.

The transformation maintains the factory warranty, except for the top and mechanism. That carries its own one-year parts and labor backing. The dealer list price is $63,995. If that’s a bit steep for you, there’s also a red ‘vert for $56,300, and a white one for $59,998.

An All-New Challenger in 2021?

As the Challenger first appeared in 2008, it’s coming upon 13 years in production with nary a change. Its stablemates on the LX platform, 300s and Chargers, have been plundering America’s highways since 2005. There was a time when rumors suggested the LX cars would receive the rear-drive Fiat Giorgio platform in 2021. But as FCA continues producing the dated relics, and continue to trim models, it’s becoming harder to envision Dodge or Chrysler continuing car manufacturing. Jeep, RAM, and SUV production are everyone’s bread and butter these days.

Do you think there will be a Challenger, or Chrysler 300 and Dodge Charger, in five years? We are hearing Maserati is finally updating their products. If there are going to be big sedans from Chrysler and Dodge, will they share platforms with Maser? Should they? Is there a better platform in the Fiat family? Share your thoughts with