Do You Need Ceramic Coating for Your Tesla Model 3?

At an additional price, you could opt to add ceramic coating or paint protection film (PPF) to your Tesla Model 3. While these add-ons can help maintain the appearance of a Model 3, the extra expense may not be worth it, according to YouTube reviewer Nukem384. Here’s what you need to know to decide whether ceramic coating is the right choice for you.

What is the purpose of ceramic coating?

If you opt to add ceramic coating to your Tesla Model 3, its main purpose will be protecting your clear coat. This type of protective barrier acts as a temporary shell to maintain the new appearance of your vehicle.

Similarly, PPF serves to protect your Model 3. However, while the ceramic coating will cover the entire car to protect the clear coat, PPF is a thin layer of plastic that is typically limited to covering the front of the car. While you may choose to coat your entire vehicle with PPF, this is generally not necessary as its main goal is to protect the car from scratches and dings caused by rocks or other debris.

The pros and cons of ceramic coating and PPF

Adding ceramic coating to your Tesla Model 3 may be tempting — after all, why skimp on protection after spending the money for a luxury car? However, the main benefits of ceramic coating are actually aesthetic rather than functional. It will keep your Model 3 looking perpetually shiny. It also helps repel dirt and water, which can make it slightly easier to wash your car.

While PPF doesn’t cover the entire vehicle, it can certainly be beneficial in protecting your bumper from debris. However, PPF is expensive, often costing as much as $1,400 just to cover the front of your Model 3. Additionally, the reviewer notes that although PPF can certainly protect from dings and scratches, it will not prevent them entirely. After an extended amount of driving, dings are simply inevitable.

The same is true of ceramic coating. It can be fairly costly, with prices of up to $1,000. And while it may help make your Model 3 look newer, it will not permanently protect it against wear and tear.

Additionally, ceramic coating will not significantly alter the time-consuming car wash process. Although it helps repel dirt and may make it slightly easier to get your Model 3 looking clean again, the reviewer points out that you will still need to wipe down your car after every wash in order to see results.

Should you add ceramic coating to your Tesla Model 3?


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Whether you choose to add ceramic coating or PPF to your Tesla Model 3 is ultimately a personal choice. Nukem384 asserts that the cons outweigh the pros and that he has chosen not to go with either option. This is in large part due to the fact that ceramic coating and PPF do not add value to your car when you go to sell it — instead, you are simply spending extra money that you will likely not get back.

The biggest benefit of ceramic coating is that it will keep your Model 3 looking new for longer. While it does offer some minor protective qualities, it is a feature that is largely designed for aesthetic purposes. According to the reviewer, it makes more sense to save your money and maintain your Model 3 in other ways, rather than adding an extra expense to try to prevent the inevitable vehicle aging process.

However, there certainly isn’t anything wrong with wanting a little extra shine and protection. If you have the budget for it and the aesthetics appeal to you, there’s no reason not to add ceramic coating to your Tesla Model 3 — but it definitely isn’t a necessity.