Do People Still Care About The Original Fast and Furious Cars?

With the introduction of another — sigh, yes, another — addition to the Fast and Furious story, it’s hard for many original fans to accept the changes made to the franchise, and storyline aside, that means to the cars. Sure, the newer movies feature exotic cars that are super fast, but they aren’t the enthusiast based, more affordable cars we had loved from the original franchise. But then again, does anyone care about the original Fast and Furious cars?

The cars that started it all

There are a handful of iconic cars that we think about when it comes to the Fast and Furious movie franchise, like the Toyota Supra and the Honda S2000, but these aren’t exactly cars we see driving around every day. Popular or not, there are some really cool cars featured in the movie — which makes sense because after all, that is what the movie is about — but do people really care about these cars outside of the movie franchise?

A black 1994 Toyota Supra that features the sporty design and agressive rear spoiler drivers fell in love with.
1994 Toyota Supra Turbo | Toyota

The easy answer is obvious: yes. The cars from the original movies have become embedded in car culture, especially when it comes to the JDM and tuner scene. But you don’t have to love working on cars and building crazy drag racers to love these nostalgic pieces of car history.

Many of these cars still hold decent value

Whether you want to acknowledge that the Fast and the Furious franchise is the reason a lot of these cars are still popular, there is no denying that it at least plays a roll in why these cars are still valuable. They aren’t going to blow you out of the park as being the most expensive cars on the face of the planet, but some of them carry a surprisingly large price tag.

Red 2000 Honda S2000 with the top down on a back-country road
2000 Honda S2000 | Honda

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The demand for these cars doesn’t seem to be shrinking as they are constantly being modified and restored to bring them back to life and create even better, customized versions. They are still popular at tuner car shows and your stereotypical ‘Fast and Furious’ style car meets because these cars were, and still are, pretty affordable. They are reliable enough to keep running year after year, long past when most of us have stopped watching the movies.

The list of cars featured in the movie is seemingly endless, and within the first few movies there is a car for every type of enthusiast, including my personal favorite the Dodge Viper. For many people, we grew up idolizing these as our dream cars, so it just makes sense that as adults we still love them, or even own them.

There are a lot of cars from the franchise that is still incredibly popular to everyday drivers because they are unique, timeless, and usually hold their value pretty well. For many enthusiasts that grew up with the classic line “I live my life one quarter a time” we may not be living the Fast and Furious lifestyle, but we hold on to these cars because even though they are great cars, they also bring us a lot of nostalgia too.