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One of the worst things about getting a recall on your vehicle is heading into the dealership. The process can be long, dreadful, and unfortunately, you don’t have any other choice. Manufacturers ensure that only certified dealers get access to the parts required to make recall repairs. Fortunately, it’s completely free of charge to the consumer. But have you ever noticed that dealership service departments usually seem pleased to take your vehicle in for these repairs? That’s because it’s a prime opportunity for the dealer to make a lot of money without much work. Do dealers make money repairing recalls?

Dealerships love getting recall work

A Chevy dealer, would it make money repairing recalls?
Chevrolet dealership | Getty Images Photographed by Maksim Konstantinov

According to My Car Voice, dealerships like recall work. Mainly, it’s because recalls are a problem with a well-documented solution by the manufacturer. Therefore, all that needs to be done once the vehicle is in the shop is for a technician to follow instructions from the automaker. Parts are explicitly provided for the repair, meaning the dealer won’t take customers for it until they arrive. As a result, everything is ready, and recalls are a quick, easy customer completion on the record books.

However, did you know it’s also quite profitable for a dealer to get recalls repaired? They are a great income stream because the manufacturer pays for them. That’s right; instead of the customer having to pay, the manufacturer takes responsibility for its actions. So not only does the dealer get paid, but they don’t have to worry about an angry customer who isn’t happy about the price or who wants to negotiate. It’s a win-win all-around for dealerships, which is why they’re glad to take your recall and repair it.

How do I get a recall repaired?

Do dealers with mechanics like this one make money from repairing recalls?
A mechanic performs maintenance on a car | Justin Sullivan, Getty Images

The first thing you always want to do is find out if your vehicle has been recalled. Sometimes, a recall can be active on a car for a long time without the owner knowing. However, you should receive some indication from the manufacturer that one is available, especially if it is safety-related. You’ll want to dispose of those types of issues as quickly as possible.

Additionally, it is seldom legal for a dealer to sell you a vehicle with an open recall. As a result, a new buyer shouldn’t have to worry about them. If you discover an open recall on a car you just purchased, you have more significant issues with that dealer. This is only true for certified dealers, not independent used car lots or private sellers.

Call a local dealership once you know about your vehicle’s recall. First, ask if the repair is available. Any service adviser will have information on parts availability for your specific year, make, and model or if the parts are expected at a certain date. Additionally, you can ask to be placed on a list of people to receive a call when parts arrive. Once parts are available, you should be able to schedule an appointment to bring your vehicle in for repairs.

Have your recall repaired immediately

In conclusion, there’s no reason not to repair your recall as soon as possible. It can be a safety concern for car owners, so remedying the problem immediately is essential. Recall repairs are profitable, easy for dealers, and usually make the customer happy. A happy customer is a returning customer, so dealers are almost always thrilled to repair your new recall. Dealers love getting recall repairs done because it helps them make money and offers their customers a great, fast experience.


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