Do Cars Come With Jumper Cables?

Maybe jumper cables aren’t something that you think about all that much, but you’d probably wish you had them if your car battery suddenly went bad. And they come in handy if you need to help another driver with a jump start.

How much do you know about this much-needed car accessory? Read on to learn more about jumper cables, why they should always be in the trunk of your car, and how to use them.

Are jumper cables standard equipment in most vehicles?

The question-and-answer website posted a question just like this recently. The person who asked the question thought that all vehicles used to be equipped with jumper cables back in the old days.

The best answer to the question was that only a few luxury brands used to come with jumper cables. Rolls-Royce and Bentley, for example, gave their customers some helpful accessories with the cars. Besides offering extras such as umbrellas, flashlights, road reflectors, and removable wooden running boards that could be used to ford a stream, these automakers had the foresight to put jumper cables in their cars’ trunks.

Today, however, car manufacturers aren’t so generous. Regardless of whether the vehicle in question is the affordable Nissan Versa or the extravagant Bugatti Chiron, you’d be hard-pressed to find a car that comes with jumper cables.

And yes, it’s too bad that your new car doesn’t come with them. But that doesn’t mean that you should skip having a set at the ready.

A crucial item for your emergency roadside kit

A set of jumper cables is one of the most useful things you can keep in your car. It’s unrealistic to think that you’ll be lucky and never have a bad battery because at some point you will. You or a family member could accidentally drain your car’s battery by leaving a light on in the car or by not shutting a door completely. Or maybe your car was sitting too long without being started.  

Other times, you might need to help someone else who has a bad battery. This could be a friend, neighbor, or coworker who either doesn’t have jumper cables or doesn’t know how to use them if they do. You might even do a good deed and help out a stranger by jump-starting their car.

The point is that no one should have to call a garage or the AAA and wait for help. Why not be prepared for situations like this? Starting at $10, jumper cables are an inexpensive solution to a common car problem. Knowing how to properly use them is a valuable skill, too.

How to use jumper cables correctly

Eva Longoria Parker uses jumper cables to boost her car battery at The Rally For Kids With Cancer Scavenger Cup's "Start Your Engines" Brunch
Eva Longoria with jumper cables | George Pimentel/WireImage

ChrisFix’s YouTube video offers a straightforward way of using jumper cables to revive a bad battery.

Check out the end of the video for ChrisFix’s additional recommendations of what to do if the battery fails to charge after trying these instructions or if you think that your car battery is dead. He even demonstrates a portable jump starter as a spark-free alternative to jumper cables.

Anybody who drives should have a set of jumper cables in their car, and they should know how to use them. When your battery goes bad, there’s nothing like the confidence that comes from knowing how to use your jumper cables to get back on the road again.