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Nowadays, the used car market is just as robust as the one for brand-new cars. Truthfully, it may even be more so. However, many people who want to sell their used SUVs have no idea where to start. Sure, you can put a price tag on your windshield and park it in your yard, but there’s a bit more to it. Here’s what to do before you sell your used car.

Get an inspection before you sell your used car 

tips on how to sell your car or SUV
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Some people do this later, but one of the best things you can do is to first get your car or SUV inspected. Doing so gives you a much clearer picture of what your vehicle may be worth based on how it tests. You can be more upfront with the potential buyer if it has significant issues. Additionally, this gives a person time to fix potential car issues. 

Additionally, the sale could go faster if you have paperwork showing a potential buyer that the vehicle has been inspected. Of course, there will be a cost associated with an inspection, but it will go a long way in the end. Dealerships and independent mechanics can do the needed inspection before the sale. 

Gather the paperwork before selling a used vehicle

The necessary paperwork to sell your car will vary by state. However, you’ll need the vehicle’s title, bill of sale, and odometer certification. According to Autotrader, a vehicle history report may also be requested. People who have misplaced their car titles can get a duplicate copy from their DMV. 

People should note that certain states will have much more extensive requirements for the vehicle to be recognized as an official sale. Some such paperwork could be a title transfer application and a notice of sale or transfer of ownership. Some documents may need to be notarized. Be sure to look into what your state requires.

Spruce up your vehicle 

Your car doesn’t have to be perfect to sell it. However, there are things you can do to improve the presentation. For one, either get it detailed or do an intense cleaning yourself. This is one of the most inexpensive ways to help your used vehicle stand out for buyers. 

Of course, this doesn’t simply mean vacuuming your vehicle and adding car air fresheners. Anyone selling a used car should take the time to ensure it’s as clean as possible. However, things may be different for people selling a vehicle with the understanding that it does not run. This is also a great time to remove any personal items from the vehicle being sold. 

Decide who to sell to and set a price 

One of the last things you’ll need to do before selling your car is decide who you want to sell your vehicle to. Are you selling to a dealership? Are you selling to a person? Selling to a dealership may be easier and might require less paperwork. However, it could allow for less flexibility regarding price.

You’ll also need to set a price. Of course, this will require research. You’ll need to determine the fair market value of your vehicle. Of course, your work that went into getting it ready for sale could slightly increase the price. In the end, remember that a vehicle priced too high won’t sell. The last thing you’ll want to ensure is that you don’t create a situation where the buyer can drive off without paying for the vehicle. 

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