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Years ago, it was unheard of to raise and lower a car’s window using a button that did all the work for you. Crank-style handles were the norm on classic cars and trucks, and drivers happily cranked the window up and down manually. Sure, it was a slow process, but it got a little faster as the years went on.

Fast forward to our modern-day and powered windows and locks are now the norm. The manual window cranks have slowly disappeared from most automobiles. It’s more difficult to find one that still has manual cranks, but is it impossible, though?

Actually no, because U.S. Car News and World Report show you a list of vehicles that offer a minimal amount of tech equipment. Here are 5 vehicles are on their list, that still lets you have manual windows and door locks today.

2018 Kia Rio

While not exactly a new car, this Kia Rio model is pretty close to being new. It’s a subcompact car that can seat 5 people comfortably and has decent user-friendly dash features. If you’re looking to get manual windows, the base model is one to choose from.

Power windows are an option, but only for their upgraded packages. It’s also important to choose the 2018 version because the 2019 model did away with the manual powered windows. Another thing to consider is that the base model of the 2018 version also doesn’t come with cruise control.

2019 Ford F-150 XL pickup

This is probably the most surprising vehicle that still offers manual windows. Ford’s F-150 truck is known for its many features, but if you look further into their trim levels, you find some gems.

The XL version is the one to choose because, according to, the XL comes standard with manual windows as well as manual door locks. This is perfect for those wanting a truck, but want to stick to a minimalist style.

2019 Nissan Frontier

The Nissan Frontier pickup has been around a few years and hasn’t seen too many changes. The midsize pickup offers many trim levels with various goodies for those looking for specific luxuries.

However, it’s the base trim that you want to pay close attention to. Some trims, like the S package, have manual windows and locks as well as manual transmission, which isn’t seen very often nowadays. They add a few amenities that fall on the tech side, but not much. For an affordable price, the base can run you around $20,000. Not bad, if you just want simplicity.

2020 Chevy Spark LS

If you want a compact car, the Chevy Spark is a good option. If you just want to get around and don’t want too much technology driving up the price of the car, the LS, the base model, is the one to go for.

This trim level offers the bare minimum. Manual windows and door locks are standard. Like the Kia Rio, it also doesn’t have cruise control. The base price is affordable, residing at the $13,220 mark. For more options, you would have to upgrade to a higher trim, but the price increases as you add more features.

2019 Nissan Versa S

The Nissan Versa is a subcompact sedan that offers very little in its base package, which is the S trim. The base is where you’ll find the manual windows, and door locks. Plus, you’ll get a manual transmission as well, if you that’s what you would like in your vehicle.

There are plenty of add-on features, but those will add to the price. At $12,300, the base offers enough simplicity without too many luxuries impeding an affordable investment.

Even though most automakers have done away with the old crank-style windows and manual door locks, you’re not totally out of luck. There are still a few vehicles out there, nowadays, that continue to offer them for those who just don’t want to deal with power windows or locks breaking down.