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Rally cars toss up the desert sand, Baja trucks jump and fly over the dunes, and ATVs take to the mud, muck, or sand for some extremely dirty fun. Off-road races can be more fun than those where cars make hundreds of left turns. Even casual racing fans have heard of the Baja, Dakar, and Rebelle races, but there are tons of amazing off-road races you might have never heard of before now.

The California 300 is one of the newest off-road races

You might have heard of the Mint 400 but not the California 300. Why would you? As Jalopnik reports, this race recently had its inaugural run. The new race follows the same formula as the Mint 400 with its racing course and the organizers.

During the California 300, participants complete three high-speed laps across a desert course covering more than 70 miles during each lap. This race features UTV classes and a class for Unlimited Trucks.

The inaugural California 300 took place in Barstow. It was successful enough that a second event is on the calendar for early October next year in Souther California.

Next Race Date: October 4-8, 2023

Two people, one motorcycle, one crazy off-road race

Racers on the HARDI Australia 24-Hour Trial
Racers on the HARDI Australia 24-Hour Trial | Wiki Commons

The HARDI Australia 24-Hour Trial is one of the oldest off-road races held in the world. This race dates back to 1924, covering a portion of South Australia during the winter months when the temperatures can easily dip below freezing.

The HARDI 24 is a race of attrition, with only half of the competitors making it to the end. Not only is it extremely cold, but the vehicles also used for this race are two-stroke motorcycles with a sidecar. It is a two-person race that truly tests the metal of any rider, whether in the driver’s seat or in the sidecar, as the motorcycle covers many miles of the cold off-road course.

Next Race Date: July 7-9, 2023

The GP Ice Race is one of the most extremely cold off-road races in the world

For nearly 50 years, the GP Ice Race has been held in Zell am See, Austria. Just talking about the name of this off-road race and the location sends a shiver up my spine. This race takes place on a frozen lake in the Austrian Alps, making you feel even colder.

The location of the race has ties to the Porsche family, and the event is one of the most popular in the region. Some of the world’s most famous cars and drivers participate in this mostly unknown off-road race.

Next Race Date: January 27-29, 2023

How about a big rig race under off-road conditions?

Mercedes-Benz Unimog Racing in the Breslau Rally
Mercedes-Benz Unimog Racing in the Breslau Rally | Wiki Commons

The Breslau Rally is one of the many off-road races that can be extremely for fans of dirty vehicles and big rigs. This race is a long-running event and is claimed to be the oldest off-road rally in Europe.

Drivers choose big rigs for this race’s grueling course, making the Mercedes-Benz Unimog the vehicle used most often. While there are several classes running the curse, this Merc is the king of the wilderness during this event. The Polish seem to take after Americans about racing with a “Go Big or Go Home” theme with the Unimog at Breslau.

Next Race Date: June 25-30, 2023

If any of these off-road races interest you, get your tickets early and figure out where to sit to enjoy the amazing dirt-flying action.

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