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Confused about the differences between the Ford Expedition and Expedition Max? Many are, but it’s pretty simple. The Expedition Max is 12-inches longer than the shorter Expedition. That gives it more cargo capacity for those who need it. Will you need that extra space, that’s better decided after seeing what the similarities and differences are.

There are plenty of differences between the two. We would say we’re going to explore what they’re like, but that might confuse you since Ford also makes an SUV called Explorer. Oh well, let’s explore. 

What’s the main difference between the Expedition and Expedition Max?

2022 Ford Expedition best value award
2022 Ford Expedition Stealth Edition Performance Package | Ford

The main difference between the two, besides length, is towing capacity and cargo space. Even the Chevy Suburban, long considered the top SUV for towing, can’t compete. The Suburban towing capacity is 7,800 lbs. Ford’s Expedition can be optioned to exceed 9,300 lbs. With the Max, that number only drops to 9,000 lbs.

The fuel economy is on par with the competition, though not excellent. For either SUV you’re looking at 17 mpg City, 23 mpg Highway, with an average of 19 mpg. For Chevy’s Suburban, the numbers are better at 21 City and 27 Highway. The good news is that in spite of being truck-based, either version rides fairly civilized. Handling is on a par with much smaller SUVs as well.

What engine options does the Expedition offer?

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Engine options are the same for both. That means a V6 EcoBoost engine with a range between 400 and 440 hp, depending on options. No V8s are offered in either the Expedition or Max. But with that much horsepower, would a V8 make any difference?

Do you really need the Expedition Max?

Ford Expedition Max
2022 Ford Expedition Max | Ford

This brings us back to the Expedition Max versus the Expedition. The standard Expedition comes in at just under $69,000. The top-of-the-line Expedition hits almost $80,000. With the Max, that price jumps to almost $87,000 for a loaded model.

As with everything, there is give and take. So if you need an SUV, and need lots of cargo space, then the Expedition Max is your vehicle. But if those requirements aren’t as necessary or extreme, then the Expedition is a better choice. After all, the shorter Expedition will be far more maneuverable than the longer Max.

As for the competition, the closest that GM has is either the Suburban or shorter Tahoe. As for Dodge/Ram/Jeep, it’s either the Dodge Dakota or Jeep Wagoneer or Grand Wagoneer. But none of them come near to what Ford offers. If you’re not into brand loyalty, and few are these days, then start with the Expedition and then compare.


The Ford Expedition Max Is Worth It for the Extra Space