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The Nissan Frontier is growing in popularity in the full-size pickup truck class of vehicles. Among its competitors, it’s one of the only models seeing growth in sales. Fully redesigned for 2022, the Frontier impresses with its now up-to-date exterior and interior for its first third-gen model. Many different trim levels are available, so choosing one from the midsize truck can be confusing. What’s the difference between the 2022 Nissan Frontier S and SV?

How much is a 2022 Nissan Frontier S and SV?

A green 2022 Nissan Frontier compact pickup truck with 9.4 inches of ground clearance parked near a mountain range forest
2022 Nissan Frontier | Nissan Motor Corporation

Firstly, the Nissan Frontier S trim is the most affordable option in the lineup of pickups. According to Edmunds, it starts at $31,285, which is on the higher end of pricing compared with models like the Toyota Tacoma and Chevy Colorado. Moreover, the Frontier S is one of the more popular trim levels, thanks to its affordability. However, if the money doesn’t sell you, it also comes with some excellent features for the price.

Alternatively, the SV is the most popular trim level in the 2022 Nissan Frontier lineup. Only the range-topping PRO-4X version of the midsize truck costs more. Furthermore, it starts at $34,085, roughly $3,000 more than the Frontier S. Starting price is one of the most significant differences between the two trim levels. What does the SV have that the S base model doesn’t?

What standard features come with the 2022 Nissan Frontier S?

The cheapest base model of the 2022 Nissan Frontier comes with a surprising amount of excellent features. First, every version of the midsize truck comes with a standard 3.8-liter V6 engine that produces 310 horsepower and 281 lb-ft of torque. Experts like Consumer Reports love the base engine, calling it “meatier with more readily available power than the Ford Ranger’s turbo four-cylinder, for example.” However, having more than one engine option in the lineup would be nice.

Next, a nine-speed transmission is paired with the engine, as is rear-wheel drive as standard. Those who wish to have four-wheel drive can buy it as an option. Moreover, there are a few features owners get with the Frontier S. Items like push-button start, a six-speaker sound system, an eight-inch touchscreen, Apple CarPlay/Android Auto, and forward collision mitigation are included. Other things such as 16-inch wheels, cloth upholstery, and a tilt-only steering wheel are standard too.

What standard features come with a Frontier SV?

A man loads the bed of his 2022 Nissan Frontier. How much is one of these midsize pickup trucks?
2022 Nissan Frontier | Nissan USA

As the most popular trim level in the lineup, we expect a lot of improvements over the S base model. Unfortunately, most of the value comes from optional packages. For example, the Frontier SV comes with 17-inch wheels, a power-adjustable driver’s seat, and everything included with the S base model. Besides those few extras, the SV’s value mainly comes from optional packages. Two packages unlock when customers choose the SV trim, which aren’t available for the Frontier S.

Starting with the SV Convenience package, which offers a lot of bang for your buck for $1,990. For example, it comes with a spray-in bed liner, adjustable tie-down bed cleats, bed under-rail lighting, two power outlets, heated mirrors, heated and leather-wrapped steering wheel, heated front seats, a trailer hitch with a wiring harness, proximity keyless entry, and dual-zone automatic climate control. Although the price may seem steep, this package is the cheapest way to upgrade your Frontier to feel more luxurious.

Next, SV buyers also unlock access to the SV Premium package. For $2,790, it adds a 10-speaker sound system, simulated leather upholstery, LED headlights, and a sunroof to the Frontier. We recommend opting for the SV Premium package only if those items sound enticing to you at such a high price, as there is much more value packed into the cheaper SV Convenience package.

All Frontier models can get the Technology package

Some of the packages are exclusive to the Frontier SV or Pro-4X models. However, there’s also the Technology package, which is a purchasable upgrade for any version of the 2022 Nissan Frontier. It includes lane-departure warning, blind-spot monitor with rear cross-traffic alert, automatic rear braking, and adaptive cruise control.

At $990, we’d recommend buying this package regardless of which trim level you choose. Moreover, it provides plenty of value with safety and driver-assist features. Plus, getting all these features with the S or SV will be much more affordable than opting for a Pro-4X with all the bells and whistles. Buyers should only purchase the most expensive Frontier if they plan on taking it off-roading.

What’s the difference between a 2022 Nissan Frontier S and SV?

In conclusion, there are a few differences between the 2022 Nissan Frontier S and SV base models. As the most affordable options, it’s shocking that a lot of value is packed into each. The S is more affordable, but both come with the same engine, transmission, and standard rear-wheel drive. However, the Frontier SV gains most of its value from optional packages, of which two are available at this trim level. Most experts recommend buying the most popular 2022 Nissan Frontier SV because it adds access to those desirable packages.


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