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What the hell was going on that some YouTubers smashed over 70 older Datsun and Nissan Z-cars? Some were even first-generation models. The vid was only up for a short time before it was taken down. So, something was going on and it didn’t look good. Why would anyone destroy a bunch of Nissan Z-cars for a YouTube video?

Now, Dave Sparks, who is one of the Diesel Boys, has tried to explain what was going on. Though we can’t see it, many posters complained that the video not only smashed up these classics but made fun of enthusiasts. They supposedly also disparaged the 240-300 Z. 

The Diesel Brothers give reasons why they destroyed 70 Nissan and Datsun Z-cars

Sparks, known as “Heavy D,” explained that the first cut that posted was done by editors without him knowing. So there was or was not another version after he got his fingers on it. Either way, he has a lot of explaining to do.

He goes on to say that the cars came from a site specializing in Z-car parts. Then the property was sold, and whoever owned the business took the good stuff. That left a gang of cars that he says were beyond being restored. 

Diesel Brothers Nissan/Datsun Z-car smashup
Diesel Brothers Nissan/Datsun Z-car smashup | YouTube

The new owner is a friend of the Diesel Brothers and wanted them cleared out in one day. He needed the property cleared because supposedly it is worth millions of dollars. But the next point is maybe the most convincing.

These cars were supposedly very rusty and stripped of a lot of parts. They were mostly theft recovery or totaled vehicles that he says couldn’t be titled again. And that makes sense because the Z-car parts guy still owns a chunk of the adjacent property. And it has much better examples he has kept to continue his parts operation. If there is any sort of a silver lining it is that the Diesel Brothers saved six cars. 

Six Z-cars will be saved for anyone that wishes to buy them

Diesel Brothers Nissan/Datsun Z-car smashup
Diesel Brothers Nissan/Datsun Z-car smashup | YouTube

Those six will be at the Diesel Brothers shop and available to whoever wants them. For free. But you can only take two to a customer. Heavy D also says they will circle back to show what becomes of these six cars. That may or may not rectify some of the bad perception viewing the video caused.

As Hot Cars point out, this is not the first time the Diesel Brothers have been in trouble. A Utah group allegedly accused the Diesel Brothers of selling cars that violated emissions laws. They say those vehicles don’t comply with the Clean Air Act. 

There have been other transgressions over the years by the Diesel Brothers

Diesel Brothers Nissan/Datsun Z-car smashup
Diesel Brothers Nissan/Datsun Z-car smashup | YouTube

The Diesel Brothers were found guilty and fined over $850,000 plus legal fees for the plaintiff. That kicked the charges to over $2 million. There is an appeal and so this case has not yet been resolved. 

Additionally, there have been issues with the Diesel Brothers’ trademark of the Diesel Power Gear clothing line. It seems that the clothing company Diesel says there will be confusion with consumers and wants the Diesel Brothers to change the brand’s name. 

So these legal issues along with the destruction of 70 Z-cars have not been resolved as of yet. COVID-19 and the sheer backup of trial cases mean some of these cases remain in limbo for years. When we hear something has been resolved MotorBiscuit will have it for you.


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