Did You Know Night Vision Can Be Added To A Rearview Mirror?

Rearview mirrors are limiting in many ways. From nighttime glare to limited views, they’ve not really advanced much since they came into use in the early part of the 20th century. Sure, they’ve gotten wider, and there is some night filtering, but nothing like the advances we’ve seen in safety and technology over the last 20 years. But that is changing. Did you know that night vision can be added to rearview mirrors?

Its mirrors substantially enhance night and bad weather vision

Lanmodo Night Vision | Lanmodo

Now Lanmodo Night Vision Systems has a whole new system of rearview mirror tech. It says its mirrors substantially enhance vision at night, and in rain or fog. It makes you wonder why this hasn’t happened before now?

Basically, the Lanmodo system is a monitor. The display is a 1080p image in color and has the ability to lighten or magnify the images it displays. It uses active infrared light magnification with a no-lag video feed. It reflects what it “sees” as far as almost 1,000 feet ahead of the driver. That’s close to a quarter of a mile.

Night vision is twice as far as provided by standard high-beams

Lanmodo Night Vision | Lanmodo

With its 36-degree wide-angle field of vision, it provides the vision for the driver twice as far as provided by standard high-beam lighting. Rain and fog conditions are also improved. Even in a heavy downpour, it has the ability to minimize rain obstruction. During periods of high glare from either the sun or from headlights, it is minimized with the image corrections.

No modifications are necessary for installation. The device can be mounted on the dash or as a rearview mirror supplement. You can use the plug-in to get power from any power source inside. Or, you can hardwire it into your dash to a fused accessory terminal or OBD. For cars with 24 volts, a converter is provided that allows the 12-volt Lanomdo components to work. 

Used for rear views, a separate kit provides a camera and cable


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For rear views, a separate kit provides a camera and cable. Those will need to be incorporated into the vehicle. If you choose to use either the front- or rear-view images a button on top of the mirror allows you to toggle between the two. The camera is I-67 waterproof with a 170-degree ultra-wide-angle lens. 

Especially in rural, low-lit areas and bad weather conditions, this is a great aid, making viewing from your car safer. We don’t know why it has taken so long to find a way to improve views from your car or truck but help is on the way with the Lanmodo Night Vision System.