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Retractable convertible tops have been around at least since popping up on the 1935 Peugeot Decapotable. By 1957, Ford made them famous in America with its own retractable convertible. But did it ever make a retractable Mustang in 2010? Well, here it is, so it must have, right?

Who made this Mustang retractable?

Mustang retractable
2010 Ford Mustang retractable convertible | BAT

Actually, no, Ford never made a retractable Mustang, but Galpin Ford did back in 2010. That’s what this is, and it just sold on Bring A Trailer. What’s more, it has only 860 miles on it. So it is a virtually new, one-of-one, 2010 Mustang retractable. 

Galpin, the No. 1 Ford dealership in the country, does a lot of restorations, recreations, and unique vehicles besides just selling cars. Located in the San Fernando Valley outside of Los Angeles, it created this Mustang for the 2010 SEMA Show in Las Vegas. 

Though looking slightly pin-headed, it does look like a factory build, right down to the Sunset Gold factory orange color. That’s partially due to the top Galpin used, which is from a third-gen Lexus SC430. But unlike the Lexus, the Mustang can accommodate the folded top within its trunk. Lexus had to put a rather large hump into the SC’s trunk lid to handle the retractable top.

Did the 1957 Ford retractable look pinheaded too?

Ford Skyliner
1957 Ford Skyliner retractable convertible | Ford

Proportionally, that long flowing hood competes with the now-long flowing trunk. With a bit more top to the back, it would balance out better. But that’s not an easy trick with retractables. In fact, Ford’s 1950s retractables had really long trunks, longer than its hood. And the height of the rear quarters was raised higher than conventional two-door Fords. So retractables can play games with designs that don’t please everyone. 

Since Galpin is in the business of selling cars it is highly likely that there is more than one of these conversion cars. However, this might have just been speculative, as a tool to sell more, but there were no takers. Anyway, there were a few more tricks on this car.

What else was done to this Mustang retractable?

Mustang retractable
2010 Ford Mustang retractable convertible | BAT

The normally black side skirts and spoilers were painted body color. It also features custom tinted lights, Ford Racing suspension mods that lower the ride height, and nine-spoke alloy wheels wrapped in Nitto NT555 Extreme ZR tires. The 5.0-liter Coyote engine is stock, except for the exhaust, which is made by Flowmaster. 

Ford sold almost 75,000 Mustangs in 2010. So this could very well be the only one of those with this conversion, making it rare, desirable, and an attention-getter when the driver decides to lower the top. 

Mustang retractable
2010 Ford Mustang retractable convertible | BAT

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