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Over the past year, the demand for electric bikes (e-bikes) has soared. In fact, over 600,000 e-bikes were sold in the U.S in the past year alone, which equates to around one bike every 52 seconds. That’s impressive. So it’s no surprise that Diamondback, a well-known bicycle manufacturer, recently got into the game with its new Union 1 electric bicycle.

The Diamondback Union 1 brings electrification to an acoustic lineup

Diamondback Union 1 being ridden on the streets
Diamondback Union 1 | Diamondback

The Diamondback brand has been around for decades, however, you might be familiar with its line of mountain and road bikes as of late. They’re all well-made “acoustic” — the brand’s term for “non-electric” – bikes and provide cyclists with a sturdy means of transportation on and off the road. However, during the Spring of 2021, Diamondback released its collection of electric bikes.

This new lineup consists of four different bikes – Union 1 and 2, Response, and Current – and they’re all geared to turn your commute up to “11,” given their Class 3 rating. However, the all-new Union 1 e-bike is the brand’s entry-level model for those wanting to spice up their daily commute with a little electrification.

It’s powered by a Bosch Performance Line Speed motor

The Diamondback Union 1 is a Class 3 electric bike, which means that it offers the rider an electric pedal assist for up to 28 mph. That assist is powered by a Bosch Performance Line Speed motor and PowerTube 400 battery, which is tucked into the bike’s downtube. Cycle Volta recently reviewed the Union 1 and reported that it accelerates rapidly and smoothly thanks to its 85Nm of torque, although it does have a little bit of motor whine.

That can be forgiven, though, as the rest of the e-bike is very well-built. The Union 1 has an aluminum alloy frame and handlebar setup and it rides on 27.5-inch tires. Changing gears is a snap as well, as the Union 1 features a 10-speed Shimano Deore derailleur that shifts “cleanly,” as Cycle Volta put it. And when it comes to stopping, the Union 1 is outfitted with Shimano MT240 four-piston front and two-piston rear hydraulic disc brakes that bring the bike to a halt quickly and smoothly.

There aren’t any integrated front or rear lights on this bike, but you will get a rear rack and a kickstand. Also, in case you’re wondering, the Union 1 can go up to 35 miles on a full charge, according to Diamondback.

How much does the Union 1 cost?

Diamondback Union 1 being ridden on the street
Diamondback Union 1 | Diamondback

When it comes to pricing, the Diamondback Union 1 is the most affordable among its three other stablemates. That is if you think $3,500 is affordable. However, in the world of electric bikes, that’s a fair price to pay for a quality piece that can take you around town with relative ease.

Also, in an age where eco-friendly commuting and the ability to zip through traffic takes a front seat to owning a more expensive car, the Diamondback Union 1 provides a smooth and easy way to get around town.  


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