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Maybe you live in the sunshine state, or maybe you’re there on vacation. But if you’re by Orlando, heading to Disney or Universal, and have an automotive addiction, you need to check out Dezerland. It’s a normal shopping mall turned automotive paradise, a full collection of genuine movie stars, classic cars, and oddities from around the world.

One of the largest classic car collections in the world

Dezerland Classic Car Collection Main Entrance
Dezerland Main Entrance | Dezerland

What makes Dezerland different from a museum is that, in actuality, it’s a car collection. Or rather, a collection of collections. Mr. Dezer, the owner of Dezerland, buys entire car collections and brings them to his museum. That way there are very few “holes to be plugged” or things missing from every exhibit.

For example, there are over 1,300 cars a the Orlando location alone (there’s another one in Las Vegas), and of those 1,300, only 20 are replicas. And that’s mainly because they’re of cars that were destroyed or of cars that never existed. To put that number into perspective, Jay Leno owns 181 cars, so he’s got nothing on Dezeland.

And there’s something for every automotive enthusiast. From classic microcars to motorbikes from every corner of the globe. Though, the crown jewel of the collection might be the James Bond exhibit.

They’ve got all things Bond… James Bond

Dezerland Bond Museum
Dezerland Bond Museum | Dezerland

This isn’t just any bond collection, it’s the largest collection of Bond vehicles in the world. Most of the cars (and even the jet) in there are from the movies, and there’s a reason many of them are convertibles. From stunt cars to background vehicles, if you know your Bond flicks, you’ll love every bit of this exhibit.

But tucked away in the back there’s an even more impressive stash. Mr. Dezer met a man who spent his entire life collecting Bond memorabilia. James Bond the lunchbox, James Bond the Nintendo 64, that kind of stuff. And Mr. Dezer bought that collection from him, which includes one of literally everything. It’s the largest collection of Bond memorabilia in the world, paired with the largest collection of Bond cars.

But what’s more insane is that, unlike most museums, most of the cars on display are running and driving models. There are pieces of cardboard under each one, indicating that they leak oil (which some of them do). But more so than that, almost every car in the building is for sale.

Almost every oddball and classic car in the building is for sale

Dezerland For Sale Sign
Dezerland For Sale Sign | Dezerland

Now, we say they’re “for sale,” which they are, but it’s not as simple as walking in and writing a check. On the Dezerland Car Sales website, every vehicle is listed with a “call for price” label. That’s because you have to call in and make an offer. And remember, you’re talking to a billionaire (or his accountants).

So while these vehicles are for sale, they’ll cost you a pretty penny. But if you have the cash, Mr. Dezer is more than happy to part with any piece of his classic car collection, from Classic Americana to Strange (and somewhat terrible) electric cars. Just don’t lowball him, as he likely wouldn’t take that too kindly.

Did we mention the go-kart track, bowling alley, and trampoline park?

Oh yeah, Dezerland is a legit play place. Bring the entire family, whether they’re car nerds or not, and enjoy activities such as indoor go-karting, bowling, and a trampoline park. There are also plenty of shops and restaurants, as well as a Cinemark movie theater. In other words, there’s no shortage of things to do at Dezerland.

So pack your backs, grab your friends, and take a trip to what might be the automotive capital of Florida. It’s the Disney World for die-hard classic car fans. And whether you know every model by name, or just like looking at the quirky cars, there’s sure to be something for you.


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