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Tesla is both beloved and reviled, mainly thanks to its divisive leader. The automaker has also come under fire for its semiautonomous driving tech, Autopilot. But despite the hate, Tesla EVs remain the best and years ahead of the competition. Here are several reasons why Elon Musk’s company continues to dominate.

Tesla touts some of the best range estimates

A blue 2023 Tesla Model 3 cruises on a wet street.
A Tesla Model 3 | Tesla

Regardless of the pushback, the facts speak for themselves. It’s hard to beat Tesla cars in electric range. Check out the latest models and their highest EPA-estimated range: 

  • Model S: 405 miles
  • Model 3: 333 miles
  • Model X: 348 miles
  • Model Y Long Range AWD: 330 miles

Compare those numbers to other luxury EVs:

  • Audi Q8 e-tron, 285 miles
  • Porsche Taycan, 246 miles
  • Jaguar I-Pace, 246 miles
  • Volkswagen XC40 Recharge, 223 miles

That’s not to say Tesla’s range is unbeatable. For instance, the Lucid Air boasts an incredible 516-mile range. And the Hyundai Ioniq 6 can go 361 miles on a full charge.

Tesla boasts a robust charging network

Another force in Tesla’s domination is the charging experience it provides consumers. J.D. Power surveyed customer satisfaction regarding EV charging experiences across automotive brands. Elon Musk’s company dominated, with its Tesla Destination network ranked the highest among Level 2 public charging stations.

Consumers said they appreciated the growing number of charging stations, though respondents found the locations’ care less than satisfactory. However, Tesla is known for its well-maintained charging stations and Supercharger network.

The company is also opening charging stations in convenient locations, such as restaurants and shopping centers, so drivers can entertain themselves while re-juicing their cars. 

The technology is cutting edge 

Tesla has created a high-tech operating system through open-source software (OSS) such as Linux, GNU Toolchain, and Ubuntu, U.S. News reports. This OSS creates a distinctive in-vehicle user experience and enhances security and performance. Vehicle occupants can enjoy high-resolution touch displays, high-definition audio, Bluetooth/Wi-Fi/cellular connectivity, and more.

Unique Tesla features include Sentry Mode, which adds protection by continually monitoring the vehicle while not in use, and Autopilot, the brand’s semiautonomous driving system. And don’t forget Dog Mode, an app that allows users to leave their furry friends in the car comfortably and safely.

“The Tesla is like an aerospace product. Others are just smart cars.”

Dan Neil, an automotive journalist for the Wall Street Journal, said it best when answering a commenter’s question in a Reddit “Ask Me Anything” thread.

The Redditor asked, “I drive a Tesla 3. I describe it as a computer on wheels. Is that also true for the other electric vehicles, or is Tesla’s software that much better?” 

Neil responded, “No comparison. The Tesla is like an aerospace product. Others are just smart cars.”

Regarding competitors like Lucid, Neil added, “I think the cars are lovely, and the propulsion tech is pretty amazing. But management, ownership, strategic planning, finances? Not promising.”