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Tesla vehicles may be expensive, but owners don’t seem to care. There are several cool features that keep drawing consumers back in for more, and many Tesla owners refuse to drive anything else. The American automaker has now received another award proving that its drivers, or Tesla-stans as they are often referred to, are some of the most loyal in the industry.

2023 Tesla Model X with Open Gullwing Rear Doors
2023 Tesla Model X with Open Gullwing Rear Doors | Tesla

Tesla brought home another award for owner loyalty

S&P Global Mobility has recently released the results of its 27th annual Automotive Loyalty Awards. This study ranks automakers based on how much drivers love its products and keep returning for more. 

While General Motors earned the coveted ‘Automotive Loyalty Award’, Tesla received the ‘Overall Loyalty to Make’. This wasn’t the only award Tesla was given. The EV automaker also earned the ‘Highest Conquest Percentage’, ‘Alternative Powertrain Loyalty to Make’, ‘Most Improved Make Loyalty’, and ‘Ethnic Market Loyalty to Make’.

SP Global Mobility reports, “On top of its ‘Overall Loyalty to Make’ recognition, Tesla scored repeat wins for ‘Highest Conquest Percentage’ and “Alternative Powertrain Loyalty to Make.’ The combination of an active return-to-market consumer base and a majority share of BEV sales were contributors to Tesla’s loyalty performance this year. However, the brand’s resonance with ethnic consumers was a key driver in its recognition of loyalty improvement and diversity retention.”

While this was very impressive, Tesla wasn’t done. The Tesla Model Y and the Model 3 both won the ‘Segment Model Loyalty’ award.

These are the areas that the study looked into 

There are several areas which are considered when SP Global Mobility releases the results of the survey. The study begins in January, and continues through December, and tracks the buying activity of consumers.

In order to determine which automaker gets which reward, S&P Global Mobility reviewed 11.7 million new retail vehicle registrations in the U.S. in 2022.

Trying to figure out who is loyal to a brand isn’t all that hard. They simply review which households buy a new vehicle from an automaker, and then purchase a second new vehicle from the same automaker. Manufacturers get more credit if the household purchases a second vehicle of the same make and model.

This data goes back 10 years, so it’s able to take into account when households purchase a vehicle to either replace one which is on its last wheels or just get another vehicle.

Tesla owners are loyal despite the company experiencing some problems

Earning the ‘Overall Loyalty to Make’ award was impressive considering the media backlash Tesla is receiving. 

There are several reasons for this, such as the eight-car pileup reportedly caused by the Tesla autopilot feature on the San Francisco Bay Bridge this past January. The driver of the Tesla involved in the accident told police that the left turn signal came on, the Tesla moved to the left, and then proceeded to slow. This resulted in a pile-up.

There are other instances that have turned some car lovers away from Tesla, such as some models catching on fire. Because of the chemicals in the batteries, it can be very difficult to put out an EV fire.

Social and political backlash is even more detrimental to Tesla’s customer base. Elon Musk has made some decisions which some are not pleased with, such as refusing to unionize Tesla and moving the company to Texas.

These very actions have earned Tesla new allies, however. Then there are others who aren’t focused on the politics of automakers or their CEOs and are more interested in just driving a good car. The fact that Tesla was able to bring in five awards for the brand, and two for individual models proves this.


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