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Few things would make me as happy as performance minivans becoming a thing. Alas, it’s probably only a dream. But it is a good dream. The folks at Speedkore would agree as they made this dream a step closer to reality by designing and rendering a Chrysler minivan powered by the Dodge Demon powerplant. The result is a minivan so mean that it was named after the Baba Yaga, a creature that would rather eat children than take them to soccer practice. 

SpeedKore Chrysler minivan powered by a SRT Demon engine. This creature is named after the Baba Yaga.
SpeedKore Chrysler Minivan rendering | SpeedKore

A Dodge Demon-powered Chrysler Minivan might bring about the apocalypse 

This isn’t a new idea. In the past, there was the Ford SuperVan which took multiple forms over the years. MotorTrend even tried its hand at dreaming up a Hellcat-powered minivan a few years back. But since then, the Dodge Demon engine has been conjured, and that seance led to the new dream. SpeedKore and digital render artist Abimelec Design dreamed up an even crazier Demon-powered minivan that would make over 1,000 hp. It’s marvelous and terrifying. 

What is the “Baba Yaga?”

full body shot of the "baba yaga" minivan powered by a Dodge Demon powerplant.
SpeedKore Chrysler Minivan rendering | SpeedKore

Aside from it being a nickname for John Wick, it is a centuries-old creature from a Slavic folktale. In this tale, the Baba Yaga is like our boogyman in that it is an ogre-like creature that eats children. Is it a coincidence that the monster minivan is named after a child-eating creature? Doubtful. 

Is the Baba Yaga real? 

Speedkore minivan front facia
SpeedKore Chrysler Minivan rendering | SpeedKore

It looks like it just might be. SpeedKore talks about the project in no uncertain terms. The team told MotorTrend that the project is mostly just for fun but that if the opportunity were to present itself, they would take a crack at it. The post announcing the van promises roasted tires from the demonic van. An Instagram post from the car customizers feels promising. 

According to SpeedKore’s announcement on Instagram, “The [6.2L V8] has been treated to what we’re calling the ‘Lilith Package.’ Named for the primordial mother of demons, the Lilith Package brings the supercharged [Hemi] to a proper 1,514 horsepower and channels it through an 8-speed ZF transmission before the Michelin-wrapped SRT wheels deliver power to the pavement.”

To be clear, the images we see here are only renders. The likelihood of this minivan from below actually being made is slim. Aside from the children it might eat, the SpeedKore team stays busy, and the renders alone probably got them enough eyes to be worth ending the project there. 

Although its creation is unlikely, the idea is tantalizing. All the comforts and convenience of a minivan while still being able to set record lap times is a hard combo to beat.

That said, the Chrysler Pacifica that the Baba Yaga is based on isn’t the slowest car on Earth in the first place. The current Chrysler Pacifica sports a 3.6-liter V6 good for 296 horsepower. Granted, that is over 1,300 hp less than the Baba Yaga, but nearly 300 hp is pretty rad, considering all the other goodies you get from a minivan. With any luck, this rendering will stir up people’s imagination and maybe even conjure some love for the minivan.