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Meet the 2021 BMW X7, the automaker’s biggest SUV. It’s a step up from the more midsize X5 and offers a third row with a seating capacity of seven. For those who need a luxury vehicle to accommodate a large family, the X7 won’t disappoint. 

But despite having a long list of luxury standard amenities and a robust menu of options, some critics are citing a few disappointments with the BMW X7. One such setback is its predictability in design flaws. But it could just be that the BMW X7 isn’t great at a few things you wouldn’t expect a large SUV to be great at, either.

The 2021 BMW X7’s best features

MotorTrend runs through the list of impressive features for the 2021 BMW X7 in its recent review of the Best Full-Size Luxury SUVs to Buy in 2021. The team likes the tech-loaded interior.

The 3.0-liter I-6 provides strength in acceleration and healthy fuel economy. Car and Driver calls the X7’s power “deliciously smooth” and compares its interior quietness to that of a library.

You’ll likely find every plush extra you need from either the xDrive40i or the M50i trim. And families will love the optional dual-screen rear entertainment system.

The grille is still a source of contention

There’s still one overwhelming problem with the 2021 BMW X7. Everyone’s still put off with that “buck-toothed” grille. A style feature that caught everyone’s attention for the wrong reason, the X7 grille is boxy and a turnoff for many. The way it’s centered, it can kind of resemble a set of teeth, and it’s been a source of contention since the X7 arrived. 

Other components people aren’t swooning over

MotorTrend goes on to share its opinions regarding predictable design features and other characteristics that certainly don’t inspire any swooning this year. The critics say there’s too much body roll and cite clumsy steering. Both of these traits aren’t necessarily rare for SUVs of this size. 

Car and Driver even comments about the excessive body roll around corners and even suggests cargo areas are smaller than you might expect. Another annoying setback for the BMW X7 is just how slow the rear power seats actually adjust. 

Beauty, and grille style, are in the eye of the beholder

Despite the predictability and lackluster impression the 2021 BMW X7’s style made on the critics, you may have a differing opinion. The grille might look like buck teeth to some but may be appealing to others. In a way, this grille style is almost endearing, considering how much attention it’s gotten. 

What critics might suggest are boring exterior style lines, you might find sleek and stunning. Fuel efficiency isn’t necessarily impressive at an average of 17-21 mpg combined. But again, it’s a big SUV with three rows. Predictability might be a setback for the X7, but it may just be the kind of luxury SUV you’re looking to buy. 

In the end, the 2021 BMW X7 offers hits and misses all around. Even MotorTrend, citing a few of the common setbacks for this SUV, still has it ranked among the best SUVs you can buy this year. 

To the contrary, Edmunds says with a price range of $75,000 to $142,000, it might be a little too pricey for such a mediocre segment entry. Only you can decide if the style is appealing and if there is a strong value proposition in buying this BMW X7.

It will likely deliver the high-end, luxury experience for seven passengers that you’d expect and maybe fall short in a few areas that wouldn’t surprise you, either. 


The 2021 BMW X7 Is a Rare Case of a Luxury SUV Proving Great Value