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Keen watchers of the World Series last night probably saw the 60-second commercial for the new Jeep that featured a familiar face. Jeep debuted a new ad for the 2023 Jeep Grand Wagonner with baseball legend Derek Jeter. Though Jeter hasn’t played baseball since 2014, he’s still a hero to the sport and is a 14-time All Star. Now, he and his wife Hannah star in the new ad called “Eyes Wide Open” for the Jeep SUV.

What Jeep is Derek Jeter driving?

The new ad shows off an all-black 2023 Grand Wagoneer in the Obsidian trim. The Obsidian 4×4 trim is a unique trim for the Grand Wagoneer that eschews the two-tone paint, and even the chrome touches, of the regular Grand Wagoneer. While the normal Grand Wagoneer trades on nostalgia, the Obsidian trim inside and out looks thoroughly modern.

Inside, the Obsidian trim is all-black, too. The dash is dominated by screens, with one for the passenger, a large 12.0-inch Uconnect 5 screen in the center, a third screen with the temperature controls, and a fourth screen for the digital gauge cluster. The Grand Wagoneer interior can be optioned with up to seven screens with up to 75 inches of total display area, including nearly 45 inches of screen space in the front alone. Of course, you can also order more screens for the back seat passengers. Everything that’s not a screen in the Obsidian trim is all black.

Expect even more Derek Jeter Jeep commercials

Derek and Hannah Jeter
Derek and Hannah Jeter | Jeep

Derek and Hannah Jeter have signed a multi-year deal to promote Jeeps. The 60-second Word Series premiered during the game between the Houston Astros and Philadelphia Phillies on Friday. The current campaign was shot in New York state, according to CNBC.

The 2023 Jeep Grand Wagoneer gets the new Hurricane engine option

a 2023 Obisidian all-black Grand Wagnoeer driving
2023 Grand Wagoneer Obsidian

Jeep is adopting the new Hurricane Twin Turbo 510 as the optional upgrade motor for the Grand Wagoneer. It’s a $2,000 option, but as the 510 number in the name suggests, that’s the horsepower figure, so expect it to be fast. The standard engine is a 6.4-liter V8 that has 471 horsepower. The new Hurricane engine, since it’s an inline six-cylinder engine, should be smoother and the turbos will keep the exhaust note quiet.

2023 Jeep Grand Wagoneer Obsidian trim
Jeep Obsidian interior | Jeep

The new Grand Wagoneer starts at $88,640. However, it sits at the top of Jeep’s line of SUVs. As such, these are not inexpensive SUVs to buy and come in three flavors, Grand Wagoneer, Series II and Series III. The Obsidian line is a special package that starts at $101,230, or at $109,635 in Series III trim. All Grand Wagoneers come as regular five-passenger SUVs, or for an extra $3,000, in a longer L version that adds a third row of seats.


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