Denis Kazionov’s Porsche Macan Crashed Through a Building and Nearly Plummeted to the Ground

When you see “Porsche” and “crashes,” You most likely assume someone was driving wild and crazy, and the car got away from them. In most cases, you’d probably be right, but in this particular case, you’d have missed it. The photos of this Porsche Macan dangling off the side of the building it just drove through begs the question, “what did they do?” 

Could the owner of the silver Porsche Macan please get it out of the building?

It should come as little surprise that the Porsche stuck in the side of a building a few stories off the ground is in Russia. I feel like Porsche’s driving through stuff is becoming a particularly Russian thing these days. 

How this Porsche Macan could have gotten here is endlessly entertaining to speculate about, but the truth is a bit more normal than we would like and way scarier. 

Motor1 reports that while this Porsche crash seems extreme, it happened in an indoor parking lot building adjacent to the home of professional hockey player Denis Kazionov. 

So what happened here?

Although the parking building is mostly indoor, some places get exposed to the elements, and in Russia, those elements are pretty much snow. The other piece to this Porsche puzzle is that the upscale parking deck has polished concrete floors. In case you’ve never experienced this surface, it does not do well with moisture of any kind, much less snow, and ice. 

Crashed Porsche Macan hangs off the side of a building teetering on the edge
Denis Kazionov’s Porsche Macan teetering on the edge of the building | MockBa 24

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As Kazionov was parking with his wife and child, the area must have had some melted snow, and the Porsche completely lost traction and busted through the wall of the parking structure. Thankfully, the wall provided enough braking power to keep the Macan from careening over the edge of the fourth floor of the building. 

Seeing the front half of the Porsche Macan hanging over the edge of the building proves a simple loss of traction can become pretty hairy pretty quick. Kaionov told reports afterward that he and his family were all in “incredible shock” as the event could have easily become deadly. 

The Porsche will likely ride again

Weirdly, the Porsche Macan did pretty well against the building. It looks to have only suffered minor damage in the battle of the building. The Porsche Macan has quickly become a very popular SUV. It follows on the heels of its bigger brother, the Porsche Cayenne, that since day one hit the sweet spot for many people in the SUV/sportscar Vin Diagram. 

The Macan is the smaller, less expensive version of the Cayenne. I believe this is why the Macan has really taken root with so many people. It allows someone to get a practical Porsche that they can afford. 

Guessing, based on the front end, that this might be the newer updated version of the base-level Macan. If so, it is likely powered by the 248-hp 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine. Although the base engine is no slouch, it’s also not a screamer. If you want a little more zip, the Macan can top out with a bangin’ 2.9-liter V6 turbo, making 434 horsepower. I guess it’s best that the one that crashed most likely didn’t have the more powerful motor. With any more speed, this situation could have turned out much worse.