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Delivering Papa John’s pizza requires a special delivery driver, much like the one told in this recent VINwiki story. Travis Bell is no stranger to shenanigans. Young Travis, as he shall be named, had an affinity for delivering pizzas, crime, and Volkswagens.

Young Travis didn’t start out with Volkswagens, but started with Station Wagons

This guy got arrested twice in his Volkswagen while delivering for Papa John's
This guy got arrested twice in his Volkswagen while delivering for Papa John’s | VINwiki via YouTube

Young Travis set the stage for this story by explaining on VINwiki that he was a “pretty bad child” but was into anything on wheels. Back then, Young Travis and his friend were quite into the 1986 Schwinn Predator bike in orange. Even back then, the bike cost $219. Instead, he ended up stealing one. Later on, Young Travis got arrested at his junior prom and spent 29 days locked up for his bike theft.

After that, he found himself searching through Auto Trader, also known as the trader paper. This is where people listed ads to buy, sell, and trade vehicles. Instead of purchasing a float as a part of his duties on the homecoming parade float commission, Travis suggested that the group use the $300 to buy a car from Auto Trader instead.

The group located a mid-to-late 1970s Chevrolet Station Wagon, and the rest is history. In the video, Travis explains that the Chevrolet Station Wagon didn’t exactly have insurance. The kids smashed all the windows and made it into a convertible with a lovely spraypaint paint job. It also came with a ski pull on the back so the wagon could pull someone down the road during the parade. Thus, a life of crime begun.

Papa John’s delivery in a Volkswagen turns into jail time

After such an experience, Young Travis decided to begin a career as a Papa John’s pizza delivery man. In Indiana, though, if you got suspended from school twice, the state would revoke your driver’s license. At the same time, Young Travis was delivering pizza and possibly participating in other organic sales that could be delivered via Papa John’s pizza.

So Young Travis is knowingly delivering pizza on a suspended license after being expelled from school. As a fan of older Volkswagen vehicles, Travis was driving around in a sand rail pipe frame Volkswagen dune buggy as well as a Baja bug. On this fine Indiana day, he attempted to deliver a pizza with the sand rail Volkswagen.

He dodged a manhole cover in the road and ended up flipping the VW in the orderers’ yard. Pizza, soda, and Volkswagen parts went everywhere. Since he flipped the vehicle on a suspended license, Young Travis ended up going to jail on Jan. 2, 1992, wearing his finest Papa John’s uniform.

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The sand rail Volkswagen didn’t make it through that experience. So back to work he went, delivering pizza in the Baja bug. The arresting officer from the initial pizza flip happened to see inconspicuous Young Travis driving down the road in the Baja bug a short six days later. Knowing his license was likely still suspended, he pulled Travis over again for driving while suspended. He went back to jail on Feb. 6, 1992, once again, in his Papa John’s uniform.

After that, Travis gave up his life of crime and delivering pizzas. He’s now a successful DJ and fan-favorite on VINwiki. He never left behind his love of Volkswagens, either.