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The owner of a new 2021 C8 Corvette was furious after discovering a mechanic had taken his car out for some street racing. At the beginning of this month, we covered the story when the owner found a video from his data recorder. It indicated that the GM tech reached speeds of almost 150 mph. Yeah, we’d be furious too.

Data Corvette C8 recorder video showed the dealer tech reached speeds of 140 mph

The performance data recorder caught the dealer tech reaching speeds of 100 mph on several occasions. Maybe that’s part of determining he fixed the problem, maybe not. Encountering a Dodge Charger, the video shows the tech racing him on Fremont streets reaching speeds of 148 mph. 

The owner took his Corvette to the dealer with an engine issue that turned out to be a loose spark plug wire. But that became a secondary issue after his discovery. In retaliation, the owner posted everything from his data recorder onto social media. You know how that can be, right?

The shenanigans went viral. That was expected to be the end of the story, but it’s not. Over the weekend Fremont Chevrolet in northern California bought a brand new 2022 Corvette to replace the 2021 involved in the incident. All expenses were covered; even the sales tax. 

“And then he offers me a 2022 C8 Corvette”

C8 Corvette data recorder showing 148 mph
C8 Corvette data recorder showing 148 mph | Reddit

“The owner of the family of dealerships reached out to me…and I’m laying in bed and he texts me at nine at night or something, just apologizing profusely and saying he wants to make this right,” the car owner told The Drive. “And then he offers me a 2022 [Corvette], and that was pretty shocking. I followed up the next morning and said ‘Hey, when can we meet?'”

The dealership pushed the order through and a new 2022 Corvette will soon be sitting in his driveway. He was a bit disappointed that a couple of options he ordered weren’t included for his new Corvette. With all of the issues at the Corvette Bowling Green assembly plant, it was decided not to worry about it.

But now the dealership owner has ordered the front nose lift and seats that the Corvette owner couldn’t get. They won’t be on the Corvette when it is delivered but will be waiting in the parts department for him. It is a little hard to believe.

“Until you see things, sometimes, you don’t really understand them”

C8 Corvette data recorder showing 148 mph
C8 Corvette data recorder showing 148 mph | Reddit

“After I saw the video, I felt this is the right thing to do,” Fremont Chevrolet owner Inder Dosanjh said. “I heard it, and then it was worse when I saw it. Until you see things, sometimes, you don’t really understand them.”

But there is still that video of the Corvette street racing the Charger. It seems that the California Highway Patrol is investigating what happened. With video evidence, it could pose problems for the Charger driver. Oh, well. That’s how things go in this age of video surveillance and data recording. 


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