Dead Man’s Curve in New Jersey Has a Coin-Throwing Ghost Under a Nearby Bridge

Legends abound about haunted roads, especially in rural areas, which grow eerily dark at night. One of these supposedly haunted roads lies in New Jersey. While people are driving, they see everything from rituals to floating dogs. One of the most common legends is about a spot under a bridge near Dead Man’s Curve. That’s where the ghost of a boy reportedly throws coins back to those who toss them.

Read on to find out more about the ghost boy and other strange sightings on a nearby road.

The boy under the bridge near Dead Man’s Curve

An SUV on a snowy New Jersey road
A snowy New Jersey road | Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

Dead Man’s Curve has prompted many ghost stories about it. One of the most common tales is of the ghost of a boy said to throw coins. He inevitably returns any coins people throw there. 

According to Weird NJ, there are actually two bridges near Dead Man’s Curve. No one really knows which bridge is supposed to have the ghost boy underneath it. If you visit one of the two bridges, there are still coins in the water from travelers attempting to see if the legend was true. It’s still a popular location to visit as tourists try to confirm or deny the rumors and ghost sightings.

What ghosthunters have reported seeing at the bridge

Some have reported seeing the ghost’s reflection in the water or say he kept throwing coins at them, according to Roadtrippers. That’s the basic legend and is common among most accounts.

Other accounts say that pennies will end up on the road if you throw them into the lake. Another person reported throwing a quarter into the water and hearing it go in there twice, as though someone took it out and dropped it again. Interestingly, nearly every account involves pennies or quarters, not any other type of coin.

Other tales involving the ghost say the boy was standing on the road to pick up a quarter and was killed. Based on the legend, he has haunted the bridge ever since. Some say the boy will push you off the bridge and into the water below if you try to pick up a coin that suddenly appears there.

New Jersey’s Clinton Road is among the nation’s most haunted

The bridge near Dead Man’s Curve isn’t the only reportedly haunted location in the area. Clinton Road is considered one of the most haunted roads in America. One reason for this is likely geography. There are barely any houses near the road; instead, it’s surrounded by a dense forest.

One popular tourist attraction is the Clinton Furnace. Though it’s actually an old iron smelter, local legends say it’s a Druid temple. Some say they’ve even seen rituals taking place near it, contributing to the temple legend.

Another source of local legends is Cross Castle, also located near Clinton Road. The castle isn’t much of one anymore — only rubble remains. Still, the stories of what people see there are somewhat based on fact because the castle was a home for Satanic rituals and other occult practices. Some claim these rituals still happen. 

Some people have reported seeing things as they drive on Clinton Road, too, not just at the nearby ghost-sighting attractions. There have been reports of hell hounds and floating dogs. Others have said they’ve seen UFOs as they were driving at night.

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